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Seat Cushion for Office Chair
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Sit for long hours without discomfort and risks!

The Ortorex Seat Cushion is scientifically designed to relieve sitting pressure on the coccyx. It aids in easing muscle fatigue and soreness. Plus, it helps maintain a proper posture that does not cause discomfort and disorders.

Pain relief

Our seat cushion cradles your bottom to help relieve and prevent back, hips, and sciatic nerve pain. It is especially effective for herniated discs, tailbone injuries, sciatica, and other spinal issues.

Disease prevention

Improper sitting posture may cause hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, or cardiovascular issues. Our cushion aligns the pelvis and spine, improving posture and circulation. This, in turn, decreases the risks of ailments emergence and development.

Memory foam

The foam of the Ortorex Seat Cushion has a memory effect that evenly distributes the load over its entire surface. It quickly returns to its original shape after use and doesn’t lose its orthopedic properties.

Orthopedic contour

The U shape comfortable molds to your unique body shape.

Breathable design

The upper mesh and specific U shape of the cushion promote ventilation to reduce sweating.

Versatile use

Our cushion can be used on any seat, including office chairs, car seats, and others.

More reasons to love our cushion




Non-slip Bottom

Hidden Zipper

Removable Cover

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I had a lot of pain while working on the computer. I have put it on my office chair and I feel much better and the pain is gone. I think another factor is that it helped me with my posture as well!


Very cushy! I’ve had back issues but it helped ease the problem. Well made, I highly recommend.


This memory foam back support cushion definitely helped to ease my back pain when sitting in front of the computer for a long time. I think it also helped to improve my posture. The memory foam is pretty thick and it fits my home office chair very well. Thank you so much!


After trying this cushion, I realized I can't sit without it at all. So... I ordered another one! I'm using one for my office chair and one for my car seat. They work great and address great comfort and pain relief. Worth every penny,


Helped my old work chair like magic... it made a big difference in my comfort and resulted in less back pain. I would buy it again for sure.


I was skeptical about this cushion but I'm so glad I bought it. This helps so much and relieves a lot of low back pain. If anyone has any doubt, don't. Buy this product!

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