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Foot Rest Cushion
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Relieve tension on your back, feet, and legs with the ORTOREX™ Foot Rest Cushion!

The ORTOREX™ Foot Rest Cushion provides firm support for your feet and helps maintain an upright sitting position for better posture. The ergonomic design of the cushion helps distribute weight evenly to reduce soreness and fatigue to your back, feet, legs, and knees while improving circulation. The proper support of this footrest for your legs will make you feel more comfortable when you sit on a chair of any height while eating or working.

Our cushion is made of carefully engineered foam that is breathable, soft, and firm enough for better support so that you can be completely relaxed. It is shaped like a cloud for effective fixation. Additionally, this padded footrest features a carry-in handle on the side for your portable convenience. The zip design makes it removable and completely machine washable.

High elasticity sponge design is humanized and not easy to deform. It has a good massage function and long service life. Flip over the footrest with the curved side down, and it would be rocking to make you fun and relax. The ORTOREX™ Foot Rest Cushion is ideal for people who spend their day at a desk for hours at a time. It is widely suitable for office, home, bed, car and so on.


✔️RELIEVES PAIN — The ORTOREX™ Foor Rest relieves soreness and swelling caused by a sustained and static position. Plus, it prevents foot pain.

✔️INCREASES CIRCULATION — The ergonomic design of the cushion elevates the legs, improving blood circulation and muscle tone. It helps prevent blood clots and swelling.

✔️MINIMIZES FATIGUE — Our foot rest is meant to support and elevate the feet to minimize fatigue from long periods of sitting.

✔️IMPROVES SITTING POSTURE — Using a foot rest helps stabilize your lower extremities in a more symmetrical alignment, thus reducing the postural deficits caused by asymmetrical sitting.

✔️CONVENIENT TO CARRY — Lightweight and portable design with the side handle enables ergonomic support wherever you go. You can use this footrest not just in the house or office but also in other places like in the car or even on the plane.

✔️FEATURES NON-SLIP DESIGN — The non-slip surface effectively prevents the slipping problem.

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This is a life-saver for my office job. Thank you a lot!!! Some of my colleagues wanted to buy the same ones.


This cushion perfectly props up my feet. It is soft to the touch yet provides firm support, and is absolutely a great value for the money! Would definitely recommend!


This footrest worked out great for me! Perfect height and perfect material. It’s very light weight but stays put on the floor. I love it a lot!


I love this product it definitely helps! Super comfy and soft!


Got this one for my mom, she took it to her office. Uses it every day. She loves this cushion!


I have both restless leg syndrome and back pain. My feet have never touched the ground when I am sitting. This cushion has made my life so much better! Very soft and convenient. Helps with blood circulation. I'm happy I decided to buy this footrest.

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