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Armrest Cover for Office Chair Elbow Pillow
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Make your armrests soft to relieve soreness!

The Ortorex Elbow Pillow supports your arms all the way to your wrists as you sit in an office chair. This helps them relax and minimize the pressure put on them. Moreover, our covers have a positive effect on correcting posture.

Efficient comfort

Our armrest covers are designed to elevate your arm while sitting. It allows you to achieve the optimal arm position and guides them into a relaxed prop.

Pain relief

The Ortorex Elbow Pillow influences upper body positioning by supporting arms and elbows. This eases muscle tension, puts stress away, and, in turn, helps to alleviate neck and shoulder pain.

Memory foam

The filling of our pillow is slow-rebound memory foam. It evenly distributes body weight and does not lose its shape over time.

Ergonomic design

The curve shape offers three zones for elbow, arm, and wrist support.

Breathable fabric

The suede material of the cover allows air circulation to prevent sweating.

Productivity improvement

Removing distracting factors, our elbow pillows allow you to focus on work tasks.

More reasons to love our armrest

Washable Cover


Hook&Loop Closure


Invisible Zipper


9.84x3.94x2.76 inch
(25x10x7 cm)

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I really like the padded armrests for my office chair! They are easy to fasten onto the arm. The padding is so thick and comfortable. It really helps my arms and makes my budget office chair much more comfortable. Great purchase for the price.


These are the best office chair arm pads I've ever found. I appreciate the extra width and height, and the cover is super soft.


Very thick and comfortable. They are easy to install. I can use them for hours at a time and it still stays soft.


These chair armrest pads are very comfortable. They are thick, but contoured to keep your arm from slipping. They work best on a chair with flat armrests where the velcro loops will have a chance to hold most securely.


These add to the comfort of resting your elbows while doing computer work. Super soft to the touch and are very firm. They took my hard plastic and uncomfortable armrests and made them so comfortable and nice looking.


Great soft arm cushion, very comfortable and durable!

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