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Rabbit Baby Sleeping Bag
Kid Size:Newborn
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Make your baby's first month warm and cozy with the Ortorex Rabbit Sleeping Bags!

With the ORTOREX™ Rabbit Sleeping Bags, your baby will be warm and cozy from their first days of life! They are designed to be breathable and safe for your baby. The material is pure and contains no harmful chemicals or toxins that could potentially harm your baby. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic and will not cause irritation or itchiness. Our sleeping bags for babies have passed international safety standards, so you never need to worry about your child being in danger while wearing or sleeping in them.

Benefits of using the ORTOREX™ Baby Sleeping Bag:

  • Made of 100% breathable fabric
  • Provides warmth and comfort
  • Makes your baby feel secure with its enclosed shape
  • Can be used from the first day of your baby's life
  • Suitable for use in any season
  • Gives your baby a cute look

Our cute sleeping bags maintain the perfect temperature for your baby and feel like a mother's hug. Plus, they are suitable for use during both colder and warmer months. These sleeping bags are lightweight and do not add extra bulk to your baby, making sure your little one will not overheat. Moreover, the small size and the weight of these sleeping bags make them easy to carry around to bring them with you everywhere.

The ORTOREX™ Baby Sleeping Bag will help your infant feel secure in their new environment while they adjust to life outside of the womb. They feature a button opening that allows you to easily put the baby inside the sleeping bag and make sure they will not undo the clothing. The dual-purposed cuffs with buttons let you choose whether you want your baby's hands out for more air circulation or keep them in to prevent the child from scratching their face.


✔️ PROMOTE A WARM & COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT — Our baby sleeping bags provide the ideal cozy environment for your baby by giving them the enclosed shape they crave. Your little one can sleep soundly, knowing their hands are trapped inside of it.

✔️ PROVIDE AIR CIRCULATION — Made of 100% breathable material, our sleeping bags allow the air to circulate and keep the baby's body temperature just right. They also let your baby breathe freely and stay healthy.

✔️ IMPROVE NIGHT-TIME SLEEP — The ORTOREX™ Sleeping Bags provide the ideal warmth to newborns through the whole night, allowing them to get a great night's sleep.

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This rabbit sleeping bag is wonderful! It's definitely not cheaply made. It is also a very useful product for my newborn, it keeps her nice and warm. She also looks super cute in it, just like a real small rabbit!


This is super soft! Really nice chunky knitted yarn. The color is just as in the picture. If you're looking for something cute, warm, and lightweight, this is it. Gonna use it when my little one arrives. I cannot wait to see him in this sleeping bag. Thank you!


Just what we were looking for! Our 2-months-old son falls asleep every time he wears it. The quality is good, no smell, and feels really soft. I might buy a second one! Totally worth every penny. Highly recommend!

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