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Baby Sleep Poddle Pod
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Put your baby to bed in 10 minutes flat!

The ORTOREX™ bed nest for babies is designed with all the features parents need for an infant sleep solution. It gives babies plenty of room to stretch out or curl up as they please while providing comfort and safety at the same time. The pod’s design is based on the structure of a mother’s uterus, which allows babies to sleep naturally while being close enough for mothers to monitor their babies at all times. The edges of the sleep pod are firm enough to prevent your baby from rolling over yet soft enough for your baby to feel secure while sleeping. The orthopedic design fits the spine curve of your baby and prevents milk choking.

Benefits of using the ORTOREX™ baby nest:

  • Mimics a mother’s womb
  • Provides the baby with a safe environment
  • Soothes the baby within seconds of touch thanks to its soft materials
  • Protects the aby from any disturbances during their sleep time
  • Helps to get the baby to sleep in a short period
  • Comes with a removable cover for easy cleaning

Our bed nests for babies are 100% cotton which is perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin. They come with a fitted mattress that protects your baby from allergies, dust mites, mildew, and mold while providing excellent hygiene conditions. The mattress is filled with eco-friendly 100% pure life fiber, specially developed to provide babies with the perfect balance between comfort and support.

The ORTOREX™ bed nest is compact enough to be taken with you wherever you go while fitting into any standard-size crib. It will surely give your baby a cozy place for nap time, rest time, or playtime. It can also be used as an alternative when traveling since it allows babies to have their own space to feel safe and comfortable. Moreover, our sleep pod also features a cover, easily removable without any hassle, so you can machine wash it whenever it gets dirty or smelly.


✔️ BRINGS COMFORT & SECURITY — Our baby bed nest provides your baby with a safe environment where they feel secure and comfortable all through their sleeping hours.

✔️ PROMOTES GOOD BABY SLEEP — The ORTOREX™ baby nest mimics a mother’s womb and protects the baby from any disturbances during their sleep time. You get to enjoy your own space while your child receives some restful hours of sleep.

✔️ SAFE FOR CO-SLEEPING — Thanks to the high edges of the sleeping pod, your child is protected from rolling over. It allows parents to co-sleep with their baby safely and comfortably without worrying about suffocation or falls.

✔️ SOOTHES THE BABY IN SECONDS — Our baby sleep poddle pod is made of soft materials that soothe the baby within seconds, making it comfortable for them to settle in.


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This is way better quality than the more expensive pods and covers. I absolutely love the material and color. It feels soft, so I know my baby will be comfortable. Huge thanks.


So soft and comfortable, my baby enjoys it. Absolutely love it and will recommend this item!


The size is compact and doesn't take much space. It seems durable and comfortable for my little one. I hope that I can use it for my second child too.


I like that it is portable and easy to handle. The cleaning also is easy and fast. Recommended!!


Perfect quality and the color is also very nice. I chose the blue one. My little one immediately loved it. She sleeps well without disturbing us :))


I was surprised by the quality and comfort! The cushion is very soft and comfortable, it doesn't hurt my baby's skin

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