Nipple Shield

Nipple Shield

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Balance comfort and safety while breastfeeding with the Ortorex Nipple Shields!

The ORTOREX™ Nipple Shields were designed for moms to help them continue breastfeeding while experiencing nipple pain or discomfort due to a shallow latch, flat or inverted nipples, soreness, and engorgement. They offer excellent protection against further damage that may interfere with the success of a nursing relationship in the future. They also provide mothers who have stopped breastfeeding before with an opportunity to start their journey towards becoming milk makers again. Moreover, our nipple shields allow babies to learn how to suck properly and are often needed when babies are having latching issues.

Our nipple shields come in several different shapes, so you can choose the one that best suits you. Depending on what type of shield is being used, You can use them on both breasts or just one side. Plus, our nipple shields are suitable for all nipple types and sizes. They are designed to mimic the mother’s nipple, which helps babies latch on with ease and promotes a positive feeding experience.

Benefits of using the ORTOREX™ Nipple Shields:

  • Made with 100% safe, hypoallergenic materials
  • Can be sterilized and reused multiple times
  • Can be used on both breasts or one side at a time
  • Suitable for all nipple types and sizes
  • Provide a barrier to protect against skin irritation and chafing
  • Help the baby latch onto the nipple effectively

Our nipple shields are made from 100% medical-grade silicone material that is soft and flexible. It provides a strong seal against your skin without irritating it. Our nipple shields are great for sensitive skin due to their hypoallergenic design. They are also safe for your baby to use as they contain no chemicals, latex, or BPA. Moreover, you can reuse them if they are sterilized after each use and stored in a clean place where the material will not get damaged.

How to use:

Firstly, it is important to make sure the nipple shield is clean before using it. You can boil or sterilize nipple shields by placing them in boiling water and allowing them to air dry afterward. Secondly, clean the areola area and the nipple with soap and water. Thirdly, put a little milk on the nipple shield before putting it on. Finally, put the nipple shield on the nipple and help your baby latch onto it.


✔️ PROMOTE NURSING COMFORT — Our nipple shields promote comfortable feeding sessions by allowing babies to suckle without the extra pressure of the breast tissue.

✔️ PROTECT AGAINST CHAFING & IRRITATION — By creating a barrier between mother and baby, the ORTOREX™ Nipple Shields help protect against nipple chafing and irritation and prevent the baby’s nose from rubbing against the breast, which can lead to nipple pain.

✔️ SUITABLE FOR ALL NIPPLES & BREAST SIZES — Our nipple shields allow for a customized feeding experience and are adjustable to fit all nipple sizes and shapes, whether flat, wide, or inverted.

✔️ SUPPORT BREAST MILK SUPPLY — The ORTOREX™ Nipple Shields provide extra stimulation while nursing that can help encourage milk production in breastfeeding moms who have a low milk supply. Moreover, they support adequate drainage by keeping the baby suckling at the breast longer, stimulating the mom’s body to produce more milk.

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  1. G***y (verified buyer)


    These shields are great, they are literally the reason I have not quit nursing our new baby girl.

  2. M***a (verified buyer)


    I breastfed for two weeks before giving up due to stress and decreased milk supply. These shields were the best thing I have used. I purchased them and once I used them she seemed like a whole new baby! So glad they exist

  3. F***e (verified buyer)


    These nipple shields probably saved my nursing relationship with my little one.

  4. N***e (verified buyer)


    My son has latching issues due to a very small mouth so we use these nipple shields. They’re working great.

  5. K***a (verified buyer)


    This product so far seems really helpful. The material of the shield is very soft and flexible helping ensure a good fit. The little bag it comes with is very handy. Thank you.

  6. M***e (verified buyer)


    These shields really help my baby and me have successful nursing sessions, she has a hard time latching without them, so they’re kind of a lifesaver!

  7. H****r (verified buyer)


    These are pretty good. They fold up from time to time but it’s probably the way I put it on because, for the most part, it stays.

  8. M****a (verified buyer)


    Bought this for my daughter and it worked amazingly! A game-changer for us. Would highly recommend it to all new mothers that are struggling to get the baby to latch.

  9. J*****e (verified buyer)


    Breastfeeding was miserably painful for me. I would be in tears and even bleeding on my baby during feedings. Thank God, I found these nipple shields, now I feed without pain and back to enjoying the experience and nurturing my newborn! Totally worth it!

  10. C*****a (verified buyer)


    I can’t thank you enough for how this had helped me to nurse my baby. My baby was not wanting to feed on my breast anymore after giving her a bottle for a while. These nipple shields are super easy to use and they actually work!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!