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Kids Non-Slip Shoes
Color:1 Brown
Shoe Size:16

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Protect the feet of your little one!

The Ortorex Kids Shoes allow children to feel comfortable and safe during any activity. While providing superior protection, they also make the walking process easy and enjoyable. Moreover, these shoes don’t cause irritation and chafing to little feet.

Active lifestyle

As our shoes aren’t bulky, they don’t limit babies’ movement and encourage flexibility. Wearing them allows toddlers to be active, promoting balance and coordination development.

Slip-on style

The Ortorex Shoes are designed with a wide yet elastic opening. It makes it easy to put them on and off without annoying your child.

Optimal comfort

Fitting like a glove, our kids’ shoes keep the feet cozy and comfortable all day long. They are ideal for kicking around town and walking on all types of terrains.

Anti-skid sole

The textured pattern of the soles has an excellent grip on the ground to prevent slipping.

Breathable fabric

The mesh fabric allows free air circulation to decrease sweating and foot odor.

Round toe

The widened design gives toes space to wriggle and protects them from collisions.

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Easy to Combine

Size Guide

1. Stand in your bare feet with your heel against the wall.
2. Place a ruler on the floor parallel to your foot with the end of the ruler against the wall.
3. Find the length from the wall to the end of your longest toe.
Size US UK EU Foot length
cm inch
14 5 4 20 12 4.72
15 5.5 4.5 21 12.5 4.92
16 6 5 22 13 5.12
17 6.5 5.5 22.5 13.5 5.31
18 7 6 23 14 5.51
19 8 7 24 14.5 5.71
20 8.5 7.5 25 15 5.91
21 9 8 25.5 15.5 6.1
22 9.5 8.5 26 16 6.3
23 10 9 27 16.5 6.49

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I love these shoes! My son can run around outside and not slip. The bottoms are sturdy and flexible. The rubber bottoms curl up over the toes so your kiddo's toes are safe from stubbing.


Great fit! My nephew does not fight putting them on, so I believe they are comfy! So far they seem pretty durable.


Highly recommend these tiny cute shoes. Easy to wash! Never had any issues with rocks going through them or anything like that! Very easy to put on but next to never slip off on their own.


I love these shoes and will be purchasing them as my daughter gets older. They’re super soft, you don’t need to use socks (she has very chubby feet), and they’re very flexible for young walkers.


Perfect in every way! Bendable, soft and lightweight. Perfect for learning how to walk. A+


I like the flexible sole and the lack of fasteners. My toddler can put these on solo. They protect her feet but have flexible soles while she is mastering walking, running, and jumping.

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