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Full Face Shield Visor
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Protect your eyes and face from dangerous microbes with the ORTOREX Full Face Shield Visor!

The ORTOREX™ Full Face Shield Visor protects you from unwanted drops, dust, or dangerous microbes which may cause you discomfort and later become the cause of serious diseases. That is why full-face visors are so important. While face masks protect only your nose and mouth, your eyes are left unprotected. The respiratory droplets produced when someone coughs or sneezes can enter your body through the eyes. Our face visors cover your face at the top, sides, and below the chin. As a result, the wearer is protected from even the tiniest of droplets.

Our Full Face Shield is made from anti-fogging material that provides clear visibility and superior optics that allow the maximum amount of light to pass through. Due to its premium material and comfortable design, it offers 180-degree protection from saliva, dust, or any other unwanted droplets. Even if worn for a long time, there will be no fatigue, and it's ideal for long-term wear.

The ORTOREX™ Full Face Shield Visor sits on your face comfortably with a frame that tucks around your ears like a pair of glasses and stays put as you move. The shield can be easily cleaned or replaced as needed. Additionally, you can fit it over most eyeglasses. Plus, it's lightweight. The full-face visor is an irreplaceable thing when traveling in a pandemic and is ideal for most workplaces. You can keep several of these safety face shields in your day pack, at home, at work, or in your car and use them when out, in the kitchen, or office.


✔️ PROVIDES FULL-FACE COVERAGE — It covers the area from the top of the eyebrows to the chin, keeping saliva, dust, or any other unwanted droplets out of your face.

✔️ PROTECTS FROM VIRUSES — The respiratory droplets produced when someone coughs or sneezes can enter your body through the eyes. Our face shield visor protects your whole face, including the eyes, and prevents possible viruses.

✔️ ALWAYS STAYS IN PLACE  — It sits on your face comfortably with a frame that tucks around your ears like a pair of glasses and stays put as you move.

✔️ DOESN'T IMPAIR VISION — Due to its anti-fogging PET material, it provides clear visibility and allows the maximum amount of light to pass through the shield visor.

✔️ CAN BE CLEANED OR REPLACED — The most important thing is that after using it several times, you can easily clean the shield or replace it with a new one.

✔️ OFFERS WIDE APPLICATION — Our full-face shield is versatile for various applications, including industrial and home settings.

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I was so pleased with how easy these shields were to assemble. They're comfortable to wear even with eyeglasses. I will definitely be buying again, thank you, Ortorex!


The shields are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. I wear glasses and I had no problem with them. The shields were easy to assemble. I'm also going to order a couple more for my parents.


Purchased for my asthmatic daughter to work at work in her office. This shield is sturdy and strong enough to wear many times plus it cleans well. Lightweight, comfortable, it doesn't block her vision, and there isn't a problem with glare. Would recommend


These shields are way better than the ones the hospital provides for us. They do not fog up. Only complaint is that I had to tape the tabs on the sides to the shield because they pop out of place causing the shield to fall off. The glasses fit over my glasses nice! All my friends are ordering them too!


I have purchased other shields before and this one definitely has a stronger glare and doesn't seem to fog up.


I'm feeling very safe and confident with this face protector. Thank you

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