UV Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Original price was: CAD $53.00.Current price is: CAD $34.99.


UV Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Original price was: CAD $53.00.Current price is: CAD $34.99.

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Use electronics without strain and enjoy your digital time!

UV Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses provide all-day protection from harmful light which we are all exposed to during our everyday life. They are perfect for daily use and offer the best care for your eyes both indoor (Blue Light protection) and outdoor (UV protection).

UV Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses come equipped with professional anti-blue lenses, which filter harmful UV (Ultraviolet) and HEV light (Blue Light), which is found in every source of light, but is particularly concentrated in our everyday devices such as phones, computers, tablets, TV. Overexposure to blue light causes frequent headaches, tired and dry eyes, blurred vision, eye strain, visual fatigue and sleep disturbances. Blue light filtering solution found in our computer glasses helps you relieve all the negative symptoms, effectively reducing eye strain and improving sleep at night. Their HEV-absorb technology reflects harmful blue rays right directly, preventing them from passing through the lenses to your eyes.

The design of glasses includes two sidepieces connected to the front frame by metal hinges ensuring both solid and smooth opening and closing. They are trendy and come in several colors. UV Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses are perfect for the people who use digital device everyday.

✔️ UV & BLUE LIGHT BLOCK – Block up to 80% of harmful light 3 times more than standard lenses.

✔️ REDUCES EYE STRAIN– Reduce digital eye strain symptoms such as tired and dry eyes, headaches, visual fatigue.

✔️ IMPROVES PRODUCTIVITY & SLEEP – Protect your eyes during screen time, making you focus on work more effectively and improve your eye comfort for better sleep.

✔️ VARIOUS DESIGN – The perfect balance between stylish and effective for the best look and feel.

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  1. H***d (verified buyer)


    After a full day at the PC my eyes were always strained. My friend recommended me to buy these glasses. I am finding the eye strain has virtually disappeared when I’m wearing it. It’s awesome. They are helpful for me.

  2. Y***v (verified buyer)


    Good for people who use screens a lot for work. It helps reduce eye strain and headaches. It’s great to have so many options in color. Comes with a nice case.

  3. H***l (verified buyer)


    Work great for eye fatigue from the screen. I noticed a difference from the first time wearing them. Lightweight frame feels great.

  4. A***o (verified buyer)


    Love these glasses! They’re super affordable, stylish, and they’ll protect your eyes from the many hours a day we all spend on our electronic devices. Would definitely recommend. Different colors available too, which I love. I want them all! One for each outfit lol

  5. A***v (verified buyer)


    These are great and affordable! They feel very nice and sturdy very good quality. I really recommend them.

  6. L***a (verified buyer)


    Great investment in glasses! Since I started using these especially in the evening hours while on the computer or watching TV I have noticed a marked improvement in my sleep patterns and are experiencing far less headaches.

  7. E***v (verified buyer)


    I love these frames! The pattern is super cute and girly while the black frames are a bit more masculine. Great for looking at the computer all day and sensitive eyes. I love that they are trendy and effectively helpful!

  8. A***a (verified buyer)


    I am super happy with my new pair of glasses. Love that I can combine both with different outfits and the modern design they have. They are very light, come with their own case and the price is fair.

  9. А*** (verified buyer)


    Absolutely love how well built, stylish and affordable these glasses are. Bought these glasses to counteract all the computer/screen time I engage in. Great buy! Can’t beat the price!

  10. M***z (verified buyer)


    They are super sturdy and super cute. I have a round head and it’s always a dangerous game buying eyewear online for myself! However, I couldn’t be more happier with this purchase! They are light and fit perfectly! There aren’t any pressure points by my ears! I love them! So far they have been an eye saver while staring at my computer/phone and watching TV! Highly recommend this product!