Photochromic Blue Light Blocking Transition Glasses

Original price was: CAD $78.00.Current price is: CAD $39.99.


Photochromic Blue Light Blocking Transition Glasses

Original price was: CAD $78.00.Current price is: CAD $39.99.

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Protect your eyes from harmful light in the era of digitalization! Improve your quality of vision with just one pair of glasses!

Photochromic Blue Light Glasses provide all-day protection from harmful light which we are all exposed to during our everyday life. Photochromic lenses have a special feature that protects your eyes from UV (Ultraviolet) light by darkening. The glasses progressively darken over a few minutes when you are in the sun and shield your eyes from its detrimental effect.

Photochromic Blue Light Glasses also use professional anti-blue lenses, which filter harmful HEV light (Blue Light), which is found in every source of light, but is particularly concentrated in our everyday devices such as phones, computers, tablets, TV. Overexposure to Blue light causes frequent headaches, tired and dry eyes, blurred vision, eye strain, visual fatigue and sleep disturbances. Blue Light filtering solution found in Blue Light Photochromic Glasses helps you relieve all the negative symptoms, effectively reducing eye strain and improving sleep at night.

Photochromic Blue Light Glasses are perfect for daily use and offer the best care for your eyes both indoor (Blue Light protection) and outdoor (100% UV protection). You can protect your eyes during your working time, focusing on work more effectively, and stay more safe when driving, as the glasses eliminate glare.

The design of glasses includes two sidepieces connected to the front frame by metal hinges ensuring both solid and smooth opening and closing, and silicone nose pads, which make the glasses more stable and comfortable to wear. It’s perfect for daily use.

✔️ UV & BLUE LIGHT BLOCK – Block up to 100% of harmful light 3 times more than standard lenses.

✔️ REDUCES EYE STRAIN– Reduce digital eye strain symptoms such as tired and dry eyes, headaches, visual fatigue.

✔️ IMPROVES PRODUCTIVITY & SLEEP – Protect your eyes during screen time, making you focus on work more effectively and improve your eye comfort for better sleep.

✔️ ELEGANT DESIGN – The perfect balance between stylish and effective for the best look and feel.

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  1. O*** (verified buyer)


    The thing I like about these glasses is they look premium. They are also very lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. I’m very pleased with the purchase!

  2. G***a (verified buyer)


    Brilliant sunglasses for a great price! I cycle seven miles to work and back each day. The glasses are superb. Lightweight and very comfortable on the nose. So quick to darken and lighten. My eyes felt ok wearing them in all conditions. Very pleased.

  3. V***s (verified buyer)


    Look great, feels good, and are lightweight. I also spend a lot of screen time on my phone and thus far, they are perfect for long usage phone or working on computer profession. No more strain in the eyes, no more headaches. Works great for me!

  4. K***a (verified buyer)


    These are great for outdoor activities! I really like how the lenses transition. They turn dark enough to block the sun. They’re comfortable and I don’t have to keep switching my field of view above my glasses. These glasses are impressive! Exactly what I expected!

  5. T***a (verified buyer)


    This product does just as it says. With so many options out there I finally decided on these. I’m extremely happy I did. No more headaches from staring at the screen. My eyes are not tired from the eye strain anymore. I highly recommend these and will buy again in a new color.

  6. N***a (verified buyer)


    Excellent! Now my favorite go-to pair of sunglasses, very well made and proving to be rather durable. The lenses work great in brilliant sunlight and in much darker dusk or overcast conditions. These are my go-to choice for leaving the house at the moment.

  7. I***a (verified buyer)


    I love these glasses, they work great, very durable and stylish! Get compliments all the time though I constantly forget I’m wearing these. Awesome!

  8. М*** (verified buyer)


    The fit is perfect! I really love the shape, quality and feel of these glasses. And I did notice a difference when using them for a couple of hours that my eyes were less drying and not so heavy. Now I’m happy I can use my computer in the office more comfortably thanks to these glasses. It’s a great value and I would recommend it to everyone.

  9. H***h (verified buyer)


    The glasses are as described. I was getting headaches, eye strain and sleepiness from all my on-screen usage. Looked into these glasses, ordered them and gave them a try and they work! My headaches went away and my eyes do not strain very much if at all anymore. It also helps that these are thin framed and look great for casual wear. Most times I forget I have them on lol. Worth the purchase for sure!

  10. A***a (verified buyer)


    By far these glasses are good quality and look even more amazing as they are on the pictures posted here. I love that they allow me to look cool and protect me from the sun. Great for driving and all day wear and they don’t give you a headache behind the ears. Cute and effective! Just what I wanted.