Electric Breast Pump

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Electric Breast Pump

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Make your breastfeeding experience easy and painless with the Ortorex Electric Pumps!

The ORTOREX™ Electric Breast Pumps are the perfect solution for breastfeeding moms who pump milk regularly in order to provide their baby with breast milk when they’re not around. Our breast pumps make pumping easier and more efficient for moms by making the entire process quicker than manual ones. They can also be used anywhere, at home or in the office. Moreover, our breast pumps reduce the pain of breastfeeding, minimizing soreness and breast engorgement. It is an essential device for moms who have to be away from their babies for a long time or those who suffer from breastfeeding issues.

Our electric pump is designed specifically to replicate sucking motions that mimic those of your little one when nursing. It allows making it easy and natural on mom’s body. Our electric pumps also reduce stress and anxiety because you can use them easily from home without any issues. Plus, they are portable, so you can carry them with you while traveling or going on a road trip. What is more, the ORTOREX™ Breast Pumps are easily washable. You can maintain their sanitation by washing them with soap and water after every use.

Benefits of using the ORTOREX™ Electric Breast Pump:

  • Gives mom the freedom to pump whenever she wants
  • Minimizes milk leakage, engorgement, and soreness
  • Replicates the baby’s natural feeding patterns
  • Mimics sucking motions
  • Reduces stress and pain
  • Ensures smooth milk secretion
  • Can be used on unilateral and bilateral breasts

The ORTOREX™ Electric Breast Pumps are made of food-grade solid silicone material. All accessories are BPA-free which is safe for every mom and baby. You can safely use the bottles for milk storage and feeding. The pumps maintain a closed system that keeps them sanitary, so moms don’t have to worry about mold or mildew when using them. They are also built with quiet technology so you can pump in any room of your home without being conscious of disturbing others.

The ORTOREX™ Electric Breast Pump has three modesmassage, prolactin, and pumping which you can easily switch between with a simple press on the button. Each mode is designed to stimulate a mother’s milk production and help her breastfeeding experience. Moreover, there are four levels of suction strength for mom to choose from in order to achieve the best possible results.

How to use:

First of all, wash your hands with soap and water. Secondly, clean the product by wiping it down with isopropyl alcohol or warm soapy water. Next, assemble the product per the instructions provided in the product’s manual. Ensure that all of its parts are secure before you begin to pump milk from your breasts into a bottle or a storage device of choice. Finally, turn on the preferred mode and select the level of suction. After the procedure, remove the bottle, close it with a cover, and put it into the refrigerator.


✔️PROVIDES THE BABY WITH MILK — By offering three modes of pumping, our product stimulates the production of milk and ensures smooth secretion.

✔️MAKES BREASTFEEDING PAINLESS — Our breast pump reduces the pain associated with bites and eliminates breast engorgement by creating a vacuum system that mimics the baby’s natural feeding patterns.

✔️REDUCES STRESS & ANXIETY — The ORTOREX™ Breast Pump’s innovative technology reduces stress by making it easy to express your breastmilk and ensuring maximum comfort and safety.

✔️ALLOWS TO PUMP WHENEVER YOU WANT — Thanks to our product’s portable design and weight, you can use it almost everywhere, whether at home or when away.

✔️MINIMIZES MILK LEAKAGE — The ORTOREX™ Electric Pump minimizes milk leakage due to the closed-system design with overflow protection at the kit.

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  1. E***a (verified buyer)


    This pump is a godsend for traveling. It is so easy to use on the go. I pumped in the car, even discreetly on a plane. It’s very quiet. I can’t live without it now.

  2. A*****a (verified buyer)


    Amazing breast pumps. Painless pumping! I’m so happy I have invested in it. It’s totally worth it!

  3. H***e (verified buyer)


    The quality is super good. It’s very effective. Helps with engorgement a lot!

  4. S***h (verified buyer)


    I’m absolutely happy with it. Easy to install and to use. Use one pump at a time for maximum suction, or use both to save time. No irritation or pain. I’m impressed!

  5. E***s (verified buyer)


    Game changer! Great pump, very easy to use. Helped my milk production that was slowing down! I’m also using a pumping bra for hands-free. Great experience

  6. C****e (verified buyer)


    It is an excellent pump. Very quiet, the suction power is great. Easy to use, doesn’t take much time to adjust to it. I’m loving it.

  7. K***n (verified buyer)


    Bought this as a temporary pump while looking for a long-term solution. I wasn’t expecting that this pump became the long-term solution for me. I’ve been using it for 3 months now, it works great.

  8. H*****h (verified buyer)


    There’s absolutely nothing to dislike about this breast pump. The various suction levels and modes make it easier to find the most comfortable way to express milk. The pump is easy to use and clean. Helps a lot, thank you!

  9. T****a (verified buyer)


    I never thought this small product would change it completely for me. The suction cup sits so perfectly on the body and is very comfortable. The suction power and different modes make it very convenient. And with the massage function, I can really get all the extra milk for my baby. I highly recommend this pump to every nursing mom!

  10. G*****a (verified buyer)


    I was skeptical at first but I come to find out that this product is really great! The suction is awesome. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now without any problems. It’s rechargeable through a USB! Super easy to use. A life-saver!