Baby Sleeping Bags with Legs

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Baby Sleeping Bags with Legs

CAD $69.98CAD $89.98


Keep your baby or toddler warm and cozy without them feeling restricted!

The ORTOREX™ Baby Sleeping Bags with Legs provide the perfect combination of comfort and security for your little one as they drift off to dreamland. The soft fabric provides warmth without being too heavy or restricting, while the leg holes give them plenty of room to kick around.

Our sleeping bags for babies promote healthy sleep habits from an early age, so you don’t have to worry about middle-of-the-night wake-ups. Your little one will enjoy uninterrupted slumber while you continue enjoying life without stress. The sleeping bags create a cozy space that will encourage calmness and comfort, which means you’ll be able to rest easier knowing they’re feeling happy. Moreover, they can be used for night sleep, naps, and playtime during the day.

The ORTOREX™ Baby Sleeping Bags feature two-way zippers that allow you to check on your child without waking them and offer enough room that makes changing diapers easier. The widened legroom design gives your baby room to bend their legs and move comfortably with no restricted movement. Moreover, you can easily detach the sleeves to provide air circulation and prevent overheating. Our sleeping bags with legs are not only functional but stylish too. These cute cartoon designs will give your baby an extra boost of cuteness that is sure to make you fall head over heels in love all over again.

Benefits of using the ORTOREX™ Baby Sleeping Bags with Legs:

  • Provide the perfect amount of warmth for your baby
  • Protect against the cold in winter and heat in summer
  • Promote better sleeping habits
  • Make changing diapers easier
  • Allow air circulation
  • Offer a variety of cute cartoon designs

Our baby sleeping bags are made of 100% cotton, which allows for breathability and comfort. They are hypoallergenic and will not irritate your baby’s sensitive skin like other synthetic fabrics might. Plus, they are machine washable, making them easy to keep clean and hygienic for your little one.

The ORTOREX™ Baby Sleeping Bags are suitable for all four seasons of the year. Thick cotton sleeping bags are perfect for winters with a temperature range of 0-10 degrees Celsius (32-50 degrees Fahrenheit). Thin cotton sleeping bags will be ideal for warmer weather with temperatures 5-15 degrees Celcius (41-59 degrees Fahrenheit). Finally, spring-fall sleeping bags are an excellent option for warmer weather and lower temperatures. The temperature range is 18-23 degrees Celsius or 64-73.5 degrees Fahrenheit.


✔️ ALLOWS EASIER DIAPER CHANGE — Our sleeping bags make changing diapers easier as there are two zippers on each side of the bag. They make it easy to change your infant without having to remove the entire outfit every time you need to give them a fresh diaper. Being able to change a wet diaper easily will reduce any disruptions between naps or at night.

✔️ KEEP BABY AT A COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE — The ORTOREX™ Sleeping Bags for babies help keep infants comfortable by allowing babies to maintain their body temperature without having any extra blankets around, which may pose a suffocation risk.

✔️ SUITABLE FOR ALL SEASONS — Our sleeping bags are suitable for all seasons as they come with a wide temperature range. They allow excellent air circulation to keep your baby cool in summer and prevent overheating in winter.


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  1. C***s (verified buyer)


    This sleeping bag is excellent for us. Though our house is comfortably warm, at night my son’s room gets extremely chilly. But this sleeping bag keeps him very warm without risking covering him with blankets or anything! Great product.

  2. E****y (verified buyer)


    Soft, warm, and lightweight. Keeps our boy nice and toasty, even on chilly nights. In fact, it is so comfortable that he doesn’t seem to notice it’s on when he wakes up, so he’ll just run around wearing it! He loves it a lot. Thanks!

  3. R****n (verified buyer)


    This sleeping bag is perfectly heavy to give a just little bit of weight to the chest area to soothe the baby. The detachable sleeves are my baby’s favorite feature. It’s breathable and super soft, probably the softest sleeping bag I’ve ever bought!

  4. A******n (verified buyer)


    This suit is of very high quality. Very soft and not too thick. My baby loves wearing it and she also likes these cartoon drawings. Sometimes it is a battle to get her out of this sleeping bag! She feels very comfortable in it. Highly recommend!

  5. M****l (verified buyer)


    My son LOVES this sleeping bag! We introduced it to him at around 7 months, but the bigger size fits him well enough. He still has room to grow but the neck isn’t gaping big on him, which I was worried about. My son gets excited to put it on and associates it with nighttime sleep!