Dermaplaning Tool

Dermaplaning Tool

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Forget about unwanted hairs easily and quickly! Get a healthier and shinier face with the Ortorex Dermaplaning Tool!

The ORTOREX™ Dermaplaning Tool is here to help you solve various skin problems and enjoy the feeling of fresh and clean skin. Our tool is used to exfoliate your face, gently and effectively removing fine hairs and dead skin cells. It improves the surface texture and appearance of the skin by removing some of the dull upper layers. Moreover, it helps prevent the formation of acne and boosts collagen production. It promotes the decrease of wrinkles and a shinier face. Most importantly, the ORTOREX™ Dermaplaning Tool eliminates vellus hair or the so-called “peach fuzz” above your upper lip.

The ORTOREX™ Dermaplaning Tool is also highly applicable for makeup routines. Apart from generally making your face cleaner and fresher, dermaplaning also serves as a primer for makeup. It promotes your foundation to look more like your skin, rather than building upon the top of your dead skin and peach fuzz. Moreover, our dermaplaning tool opens your pores, allowing deeper penetration. It makes the absorption of serums and moisturizing oils easier and more effective, giving you the perfect soft face.

Benefits of using our dermaplaning tool:

  • Removes dead skin
  • Trims fine hairs
  • Shapes eyebrows
  • Gets rid of peach fuzz
  • Prevents acne
  • Decreases fine lines and wrinkles
  • Prepares your skin for makeup
  • Makes your face shiny, soft, and bright
  • Does not cause irritation
  • Promotes self-confidence

The ORTOREX™ Dermaplaning Tool is made of precision-designed stainless steel and plastic. These materials ensure the anti-rusting feature and long-term sharpness. Each razor comes with a protective cover for the blade when it is not in use. The cover is made using high-quality ABS resin, promising a safe user experience. Our tools feature an ergonomic design with a non-slip handle. Ensuring a comfortable grip, our blades will not accidentally fall and cut your skin while dermaplaning. Moreover, our tools are suitable for sensitive skin types, as they do not cause irritation or scratches.

How to use:

It could not be easier to carry out dermaplaning at home. Before using, clean your face and neck with warm water and hydrate it with oils to prevent scratches and ensure a smooth glide. Then, take the protective cover off the blade and place it at a 45-degrees angle against your skin. Carefully stroke the dermaplaning tool in short strokes upward. Once you are done, apply a serum or moisturizing oils for better results. Finally, clean your tool after every use and put the protective cover on until the next dermaplaning session.


✔️ SMOOTHES & EXFOLIATES THE SKIN — The ORTOREX™ Dermaplaning Tool cleans your face of fine hairs, dirt, debris, and dead skin cells, giving you fresh, smooth, and rejuvenated skin.

✔️ COMFORTABLY REMOVES FINE HAIRS — The sharp blade of our tool ensures a smooth glide against your skin for removing vellus hair and shaping your eyebrows.

✔️ PREVENTS THE FORMATION OF ACNE — Our tool saves the follicles on your face from being filled with debris and dead skin cells, preventing acne from forming.

✔️ PROMOTES CONFIDENCE — By giving you the shiniest and softest face, the ORTOREX™ Tool deprives you of insecurities, boosting your self-esteem.

✔️ SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES — You can use the ORTOREX™ Dermaplaning Tool, whether you have normal, dry, oily, or combination skin.

✔️ APPLICABLE FOR THE WHOLE BODY — Our dermaplaning tool may be used across the whole body, including your face, lips, neck, hands, armpits, legs, foot, and bikini.

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  1. J**a (verified buyer)


    Make sure your face is damp, angle the razor at around a 45-degree angle, and go with the grain. It works so well. Trust me, it’s worth it.

  2. R**a (verified buyer)


    These are great and really easy to use yourself rather than paying for a professional! Great value for money. It is now included in my skincare routine.

  3. A***a (verified buyer)


    Easy to use, they do a great job at removing peach fuzz and shaping up my eyebrows. Make sure your face is hydrated with suitable facial oil. Would happily recommend and purchase again!

  4. N**a (verified buyer)


    I got this for my top lip and sideburns. It very gently exfoliates dead skin and hairs. No scars or dry skin. My skin looks brighter and fresher. Great product.

  5. I*****e (verified buyer)


    I’m impressed with the results! Skin feels smooth and fresh – can’t wait to put make-up on as love the way it looks without all the peach fuzz! Definitely recommend!

  6. S***a (verified buyer)


    These razors are AMAZING. I’m hypersensitive, so I get dry skin easily, and I get really sled conscious about my face in particular. But these blades work wonderfully! Painless, smooth, and simple.

  7. T***a (verified buyer)


    This is a GAME CHANGER. My skin is so soft and smooth and all that horrible hair is gone after using this razor. It works beautifully. For the first time in years I feel confident to tie my hair up knowing I don’t have any facial hair showing. THANKS!

  8. L***a (verified buyer)


    These are brilliant! They take away peach fluff and dead skin. I’m totally amazed by it! Highly highly highly recommend!!!

  9. S***y (verified buyer)


    I bought it mainly with the hope that it would remove unwanted facial hair. Did not have great expectations, However, I am extremely impressed! Ended up doing my whole face and it’s very smooth! Will definitely be buying these again in the future!!

  10. K***m (verified buyer)


    I’m so glad I bought this tool! It has left my face dead skin cell-free! Plus gave me a shiny brighter complexion almost instantly! Buy this product you will NOT be disappointed!!