Professional Facial Steamer Face Humidifier

Original price was: CAD $160.00.Current price is: CAD $79.98.


Professional Facial Steamer Face Humidifier

Original price was: CAD $160.00.Current price is: CAD $79.98.

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 Bring the facial spa into your home with this professional Facial Steamer!

Most skin care products won’t work because your pores are too clogged to let them penetrate deep enough into your skin. Our Facial Steamer will help you fix that with noticeable results immediately. This advanced facial treatment with micro-steam technology hydrates and purifies the skin in one simple step, revealing a dewy and soothed complexion. An ideal way to begin any at-home facial, the facial steamer enhances the benefits of any skin care regimen, priming skin for exfoliation and product application and accelerating the absorption and effectiveness of products that follow.

A tepid and gentle temperature of the steamer unclogs pores, removes dirt, oil, keratin and leftovers of makeup, promotes blood circulation, improves cell vitality and helps skin restore to a smooth, delicate skin condition. It gives your pores a deep cleanse allowing your skin to absorb nutrients and prevent blackheads and acne. After a period for using, the symptoms of blackheads, fat granule and acne can be relieved significantly.

Facial steaming is the great way to prevent premature skin aging and reduce the visible signs of it. By naturally moisturizing your face with a soothing steam, your skin temperature raises causing oxygen and vital nutrients to infuse into your skin tissue and keep the skin moist and hydrated. Steam facial significantly improves your skin’s moisture barrier and leaves it brighter and more balanced.

Simply and conveniently used with one key operation, you can perform comfortable skincare of an aesthetic salon in your own home. It only takes a few minutes a day and will leave your skin fresh, rejuvenated and glowing like never before. You can add essential oils and easily enjoy the aromatherapy spa, which can help you soothe your nerves and stimulate vitality. The facial steamer is ideal for people who are looking for an easy-to-use way to maintain a healthy glow and radiant skin.


Step 1. Cleanse your face thoroughly and pat dry.

Step 2. Fill up the 105 ml water tank with distilled water.

Step 3. Insert the water tank back into skin steamer.

Step 4. Connect the plug into the power outlet.

Step 5. Turn on the device and steam for up to 9 minutes. For dry, dehydrated skin, use for 8-12 minutes. For combination skin, use for 12-15 minutes. For oily skin, use for 15-20 minutes.


✔️ EFFECTIVE HYDRATION —  Hot and soothing steam hydrates and softens your skin, allowing each pore be fully moisturized and open for your post-steaming needs.

✔️ DEEP FACIAL CLEANSE — Opens up your pores, removes cosmetic residue and suppress acne by eliminating acne causing bacteria cells.

✔️ BETTER ABSORPTION — Improves nutrients absorption for the skin and allows it to absorb skincare products up to 20x deeper.

✔️ AT-HOME FACIAL — All you have to do is to relax and use the facial steamer that will take care of your skin in the comfort of your home.

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  1. C***g (verified buyer)


    This product is amazing ! You feel like you getting steam from a jacuzzi! My skin looks amazing, it’s glowing! I wish I bought this sooner!

  2. C***s (verified buyer)


    This is so easy to use and my face felt like silk after the very first time! Such a break through for me and this steamer is super easy to use and clean. My pores are in love.. It’s like an at-home facial. It’s amazing & I never realized how much I needed this until I started using one!Highly recommend!

  3. U***a (verified buyer)


    Love how it opens my pores! It also helps with my sinuses too! Easy to use. I’m happy with it being simple and so effective.

  4. P***n (verified buyer)


    Great facial steamer. Gives off good amount of steam. Saves me tons of money for facials!

  5. D***m (verified buyer)


    I absolutely love this facial steamer. It is super easy to use and left my pores feeling open and my skin feeling clean!

  6. R***r (verified buyer)


    I struggle with clogged pores and greasy skin that I can’t seem to control. After steaming I always follow up with my normal skincare routine. I attribute this product as one major factor to my skin looking and feeling better already. I’m very pleased with this product and I do recommend to others.

  7. F***p (verified buyer)


    I like how it is so easy to use. The water heat up and produce steam so quickly. This is an excellent product!

  8. N***n (verified buyer)


    Now I have an idea of how it would feel going to a spa and being pampered having a facial. My skin feels refreshingly clean and smooth. Thank you so much!

  9. L***e (verified buyer)


    This steamer is amazing because it makes my pores to open so I can clean them perfectly well and keep myself from breakdowns. Ever since I am doing this I haven’t had any other breakdown. I think the key to getting rid of the clogged pores and pimples is to do this at least once per week.

  10. T***e (verified buyer)


    I love my facial steamer so much!! It is such a treat to be able to use this in my home and not have to go to a spa to get a nice little steam. I can tell a difference in my skin, it is more moisturized and smooth.