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Laser Plasma Pen for Freckle, Skin Tag, Spot, Mole, Tattoo Removal
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You won’t have to worry about your imperfections anymore! Get rid of moles, freckles, skin tags and tattoos in just one session!


The Laser Plasma Pen is clinically validated micro-needle device for tattoos, freckles, moles, skin tags, and age spots removal. The electric ion carbonation technology of the laser plasma pen allows to remove the spots on your skin instantly without damaging other tissues around. It stimulates cell regeneration, removing dark spots and skin pigmentation safely, and without bleeding.

The Laser Plasma Pen is great for home use and has 9 intensity levels for different skin treatments: the lower levels are used on spots and freckles while the stronger levels are used on moles and skin tags. You can start from the lowest level, then gradually adjust the laser pen to the suitable level. The LED screen displays the working intensity and the battery level which helps you to monitor the device timely. For your full convenience it goes with different needle sizes to accommodate any type of spot on your skin. Another advantage of the device is that it is rechargeable by USB port and works more than 5 hours with a single charge.

The Laser Plasma Pen is becoming more and more popular in personal home skin care as well as in beauty salons. It proved to be much more efficient, safer and more convenient than outdated laser therapies. Use the new generation of laser plasma pen technology and enjoy the stunning results it delivers.

✔️ MULTIFUNCTIONAL – You can remove moles, freckles, tattoos, and skin tags easily by yourself.

✔️ SAFE & HYGIENIC – No bleeding or scars left after the treatment.

✔️ EASY TO USE – Power on the device, adjust the level of intensity and put the pen needle towards to the spot where you want to operate with.

✔️ PORTABLE & AFFORDABLE – Designed for home use, it's much more economical than going to a beauty salon or a dermatologist.


WARNING: According to experts, having certain types of moles can put you at higher risk for developing melanoma. Please consult your physician for personalized medical advice.

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It came extremely fast! Came in carton box wrapped with foil, but nothing was broke or crumple. Not tested yet. Short mannual included. Device pre charged, can work immediately after unpacking.


This stuff is amazing! I've had a large mole on my face since I was a child that I was always so self conscious of. One application and it's gone!


Well I can definitely say this thing works!


Fast delivery. The product seems very good, I am very happy with it so far. I treated some moles today, I will leave another feedback and more pictures when they healed. The pictures now is 2 minutes after the treatment. I am excited to see If they will be gone after the healing time.


This worked really well! If you combine this with being committed to using an anti-scar treatment after the mole is gone, the results have been amazing. I've actually been shocked at how well it's worked, I was skeptical to begin with. Would definitely recommend this product.


Very fast shipped, delivery within 11 days. Fully complies with the description. Test on orange, all functions work perfectly. Very happy! The seller did not communicate, there was no need. The store and the seller put the highest rating. Recommend!

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