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CO2 Carbon Dioxide Monitor Air Quality Detector
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Know exactly what you’re breathing in, live healthier

Pollution and poor air quality drastically reduce your longevity and productivity on a daily basis. The Ortorex Air Quality Monitor enables you take back control by tracking CO2 concentration at a simple glance. Our device uses advanced infrared detection technology to determine air quality and the exact concentration of particulates in your living environment.

One-button switch

Simple and easy to use with an extended press.


Our device tracks your environment’s temperature and humidity levels as well.

Ventilation holes

Accelerate convection between air and machine resulting in highly effective detection.

Widely applicable

The Ortorex CO2 Monitor is suitable for agricultural areas, production warehouses, laboratories, growing tents, wine cellars, homes, and cars.

Multi-mode alerts

The Ortorex Air Quality Detector has four levels of Carbon Dioxide concentration — each identified with different font display colors. Upon exceeding the customized safe value, the device will immediately alert you.

High precision

The Ortorex CO2 Detector uses advanced NDIR sensors which have a 15% higher accuracy than similar devices to ensure a wider monitoring range.

More reasons to love our detector

Wall Mount

Adjustable Temperature

Large LED Display

Smart Data Tracking



3.5x2.7x1.6 inch (9x7x4 cm)
0.33 lbs (150 g)
Battery Capacity:
2000 mAh
Power Supply:
USB Cable
CO2 Detection Range:
400-5000 PPM
CO2 Detection Sensitivity:
TVOC Detection Range:
0-2.0 mg/m³
HCHO Detection Range:
0-0.6 ma/m³
Temp Measurement Range:
14-122°F (-10 to 50℃)
Temp Measurement Accuracy:
±33.8°F (1°C)
Humidity Measurement Range:
0%-99% RH
Humidity Measurement Accuracy:
±2% RH

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I bought this detector for my office. It has worked great. It's peace of mind to know that the air quality is good in my office.


This carbon detector is stylish and fits in with my house nicely. Seems to be well-made and I feel it'll last a while. It’s a great way to see if you need to take action to resolve indoor air quality issues.


Very informative. I like that it's 5-in-1 as it also displays humidity and temperature in addition to air quality. Well worth the money


Absolutely love this device. I have found it to be very accurate and very helpful. Indoor air quality is really important for me due to having asthma. The numbers change because the indoor air quality changes with doors opening. I would purchase it again and have recommended it to others.


I like that this CO2 detector is portable! It can also display the temperature in the home, humidity and an alarm if high CO2 is detected.


This carbon dioxide detector is exquisite in workmanship and easy to use. I place it in the kitchen to monitor the quality of the kitchen air at any time, especially when the gas stove is burning.

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