Electric Head Scalp Massager

Original price was: CAD $119.96.Current price is: CAD $69.98.


Electric Head Scalp Massager

Original price was: CAD $119.96.Current price is: CAD $69.98.

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Too busy to go to the spa? Give yourself the gift of a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home!

Nothing soothes your mind and body after a long day as much as a relaxing massage does! The ORTOREX™ Electric Hair Scalp Massager will stimulate acupuncture pointsrelieve subcutaneous tissueuntangle the knots, and promote blood circulation.

When you massage your scalp, your entire body relaxes almost instantly. A head massage can help you reduce tension headaches and melt away your stress in minutes. If you’re dealing with hair loss or thinning hair, a good scalp massage stimulates your hair follicles, allowing more blood flow and nutrients to fuel hair growth.

Our Head Massager has 4 massage heads with 28 individual nodes, which rotate both in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, giving you a soothing massage. All you have to do is sit down, press the ‘On’ button, and feel the relief from muscle tension. The device can also be used for whole-body relaxation — massage your scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arm, leg, foot, etc. Or you can carry it on the go, enjoying self-massaging whether in travel or at the office.

The benefits of using the ORTOREX™ Electric Head Massager:

  • Helps to solve the problem of hair loss and boosts hair growth
  • Strengthens cell metabolism when used on the neck and shoulders
  • Promotes new cell regeneration
  • Eliminates fatigue and releases stress
  • Improves memory and enhances brainpower
  • Improves sleep quality

It is a great massager to use in the bath or shower for an at-home spa treatment as it’s made of waterproof material. Massaging while bathing can release tension, exfoliate scalp skin, and remove excess oil and buildup. Suitable for people of all ages and activities: students, business people, middle-aged and older people, travellers, sports enthusiasts.


✔️ DEEP SCALP MASSAGE — 4 massage heads with 28 individual nodes each rotate both in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, giving you a soothing massage to help increase blood circulation to the scalp, thereby promoting hair growth and deep hair cleaning.

✔️ MULTI-PURPOSE — Can be used for the whole body massage to provide deep relaxation, eliminate fatigue and reduce stress.

✔️ PORTABLE & RECHARGEABLE — Comes with a charging base and a USB charging cable, and it lasts for a couple of hours once fully charged. Use it for 3 minutes a day, and it’ll serve you 40 massage sessions. Its compact, cordless portable design allows you to massage your head or your whole body at home, at work, or when you travel.

✔️ WATERPROOF & SKIN-FRIENDLY — Made from waterproof material, allowing you to use the massager while taking a shower for a proper scalp massage. The eco-friendly soft silicone heads prevent hair from being pulled or tangled and don’t hurt your skin.

✔️ DETACHABLE & WASHABLE MASSAGE HEADS — It is easy to pull them off for quick cleaning.


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  1. M***n (verified buyer)


    This is a very essential product. I have a very tender head. Having my hair in ponytails really makes my scalp sore but this helps relieve the soreness. It’s very sturdy and feels good to the touch. I absolutely love the charging dock to just place on top. Looks very professional and modern. Very happy with this product!

  2. N***n (verified buyer)


    The massager is lightweight, portable, easy to use, clean, and charge. I didn’t experience any hair tangling and the unit did a good job massaging the head/scalp and back of the neck. I can say it is the best head/scalp massager I’ve used. It does a great job. Would highly recommend this scalp massager.

  3. M***z (verified buyer)


    I suffer from migraines and was searching for something to help ease the pain. This device helps a lot with migraines and it does relax the whole body. The massager is well made and has a great charging base. I use it in the shower and dry it. For anyone who suffers from headaches in general, I think this is a great product.

  4. K***n (verified buyer)


    I really like this scalp massager, which helps me a lot. I use it for my head and neck, it helps me relax and relieve head skin tension and headache. This is just what I wanted. It is very easy to use and very comfortable. It is definitely worth it.

  5. K***n (verified buyer)


    This massager is good for relief when I have a headache. It’s very easy to use. I really enjoy a good head massage! And so does my cat, apparently.

  6. L***a (verified buyer)


    This item does exactly as described! I love how you can adjust the speeds and the circular motion from the massager really feels therapeutic. The product is easy to clean and very low maintenance. The quality is great and the durability of this piece is top-notch.

  7. M***a (verified buyer)


    I love this electric massager. It’s easy to use and feels wonderful! I use it for head massages because I get tension headaches, and I’m happy I purchased this one.

  8. I***a (verified buyer)


    IT IS AMAZING!! I get migraines almost ok n the daily. My husband’s head massages are the only thing that give me some type of relief. So I decided to buy this for when my husband isn’t around and I have to say it doesn’t give as much pressure BUT it’s great. The motions and the speeds and just overall pretty great. My favorite thing is that it does not get tangled in my hair. It doesn’t pull hair.

  9. C***t (verified buyer)


    This little massager is great! It kind of does double duty as a massager and head-scratcher which is my dream. I have long hair and it doesn’t get tangled at all, which is saying something. It’s compact, and is totally worth the money.

  10. Z***i (verified buyer)


    This scalp massager works great, makes my scalp all tingly. The sensation is a bit weird at first but its really great after you get used to it. I love using it to relax after a stressful day.