Scalp Massager Hair Growth

Original price was: CAD $45.00.Current price is: CAD $29.99.


Scalp Massager Hair Growth

Original price was: CAD $45.00.Current price is: CAD $29.99.

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Unlock the potential of your hair

The Ortorex scalp massager promotes hair health and beauty while you enjoy a massage. With its soft silicone bristles, our massager gently affects your scalp. It stimulates blood flow and cell turnover, promoting thicker hair. Regular use of the device enhances your appearance.

Relieve stress
Silicone bristles mimic the pressure of human fingers. Like on a massage table, you feel pleasant relaxation.
Refine hair
Our massager's bristles stimulate the scalp, boosting blood flow. This process infuses the skin with nutrients. At the same time, they spread natural oils through your hair, enhancing its vitality and thickness.
Dry and wet use
Utilize the Ortorex device on both dry and wet hair. When used in the shower, it distributes your hair product evenly and ensures thorough cleansing.

The soft silicone bristles gently apply pressure to your scalp. You feel no discomfort using our massager every day.


Our device is made of soft silicone. It can be used on hair of any length and type without causing split ends.

Ergonomic design

The Ortorex scalp massager's size and shape comfortably fit your palm. It is easy to hold and control our device.

More reasons to love our hair massager
Safe For Kids
Easy To Use
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  1. G****a (verified buyer)


    I have a dry flaky scalp. I can feel this item really getting in my scalp and cleaning everything off. I use this every time I wash my hair. This is definitely worth the money. Love it.

  2. J*****r (verified buyer)


    I like using this scalp massager a lot. I apply shampoo, gently rub my head from back to front in little circles and then gradually increase the pressure for about a minute or so. Feels great!

  3. H****e (verified buyer)


    This thing feels awesome on your head. It doesn’t tangle my hair at all. A very comfortable thing to use. Highly recommend!

  4. L****a (verified buyer)


    I bought this for my husband, whose dandruff was ridiculous even when using medicated shampoo. I didn’t expect it to work this well! Literally after the first use, barely any dandruff! And now, after using it for a week, his scalp is completely flake-free. It works miracles!

  5. I***y (verified buyer)


    I should have bought this years ago. It would have saved me so much money. I have tried just about every dandruff shampoo on the market, but none could help me. UNTIL I bought this massager. It has MASSIVELY improved the condition on my scalp. I love this! I couldn’t be happier!!!

  6. E****a (verified buyer)


    The massager makes it easier for me to get the shampoo everywhere it needs to go. It also speeds up my hair washing, since I really need to massage my scalp, and doing so with my hands alone isn’t as effective as using this scalp massager. Overall, I high;y recommend this massager!

  7. A*****a (verified buyer)


    The product seems to be well made. the silicone isn’t too hard, and the whole thing is lightweight. Easy to use and helps a lot. My scalp feels so clean!

  8. L****a (verified buyer)


    I bought this thing as a massage brush for myself, it’s great not just for the scalp but for other sensitive places too. Feels like heaven while massaging. Then I discovered that my short-haired dog likes it too! I am going to buy another one for him as well! Thanks!

  9. U******a (verified buyer)


    This elegant little tool makes washing my hair so much easier and more enjoyable! I have very thin hair that is damaged easily. This brush glides through my hair without any pulling or snagging, and it distributes shampoo evenly on my entire scalp! Great quality!! Would definitely recommend!!

  10. E*****y (verified buyer)


    I have been fighting dry, itchy, flaky scalp for years. I’ve tried special shampoos, scalp treatments, etc. I bought this massager and after ONE use, I have ZERO flakes or itch!! I am seriously mind blown that something so simple could be so effective. I am really glad I purchased this! I highly recommend this massager!