Magnetic Lower Back Support Brace Waist Belt

Original price was: CAD $60.00.Current price is: CAD $39.99.


Magnetic Lower Back Support Brace Waist Belt

Original price was: CAD $60.00.Current price is: CAD $39.99.

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Relieve lower back pain with magnetic therapy and stay active all-day

Ortorex belt offers immediate relief from lower back pain, injury or discomfort. It supports the lower back muscles and spine, reduces inflammation, and increases blood flow. The brace is also lightweight and adjustable to ensure maximum support and comfort. You will finally be able to move around freely without any strain! You can also improve your posture caused by prolonged sitting or physical activity.

Active lifestyle
The back support brace allows you to move more confidently and perform daily activities with greater ease. Wearing a supportive belt also prevents injuries or strain during physical activities.
Circulation improvement
The magnets in the belt provide a heating effect and reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. The brace supports lower back muscles for proper alignment of the spine, reducing strain on surrounding tissues.
Compared to other options, such as chiropractic visits or prescription medications, purchasing a sciatica belt is more accessible. Our back brace offers effective help while remaining simple and affordable.
Customizable fit

Adjustable straps ensure support and comfort.

Lightweight design

Unlike other types of supportive braces, the Ortorex back belt is lightweight and unobtrusive. It is easy to wear throughout the day without feeling bulky or uncomfortable.


The belt can also be worn while sitting at a desk or driving for long periods of time. It alleviates discomfort caused by poor posture or prolonged sitting.

More reasons to love our product
Effective Pain Relief
Ergonomic Design
Mild Compression
Size guide
  • 1. Stand straight with your arms hanging naturally by your sides.
  • 2. Wrap the measuring tape around the thinnest part of your waist.
cm inch
S 60-76 23.6-29.9
M 77-86 30.3-33.9
L 87-96 34.3-37.8
XL 97-113 38.2-44.5
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  1. T**a (verified buyer)


    Good combo of support and pain relief. The design is slim and discreet, which is a huge pro for me!

  2. R****l (verified buyer)


    I really liked this belt over some others I’ve tried. The magnets provide soothing relief to my aching muscles. The high-quality materials ensure that my skin remains sweat-free and irritation-free even during long periods of wear. Would buy again

  3. E****a (verified buyer)


    I wore this belt for a day, working on the floor and moving things around. Normally my back would start hurting after just 30 minutes, but I was able to go for hours with NO PAIN. Excellent device!

  4. K****y (verified buyer)


    In love with this brace. The design and fit are fantastic. And it’s not bulky, so it’s not noticeable under clothes and can be easily stored away or transported.

  5. C***a (verified buyer)


    This has made a world of difference in my life. Absolutely great pain relief. Couldn’t be happier with it!

  6. J***m (verified buyer)


    Would recommend this product to anyone dealing with lower back pain. The magnets cause a burning sensation that increases blood flow and reduces pain. Very comfortable.

  7. D***n (verified buyer)


    The belt effortlessly conforms to my waist and delivers the perfect level of support! Without being overly tight or hindering my mobility. The magnets genuinely make a noticeable impact, leaving me with significantly reduced pain and discomfort! Highly recommend it!!

  8. M****w (verified buyer)


    A game-changer in providing relief for my lower back pain. The fit is fantastic, as it is adjustable and comfortably wraps around my waist. The magnets seem to have a soothing effect

  9. J**s (verified buyer)


    This belt is so much better than a few I have tried. Seems to be well constructed and durable. The more you move the hotter it gets. Recommended.

  10. P***l (verified buyer)


    I was skeptical about this belt actually heating up and worried about the comfort factor. To my delight, the belt heats up quickly and I find the fit comfortable. I wear this to work under my uniform. Would recommend!