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Knee Support Compression Sleeve

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Move with no restriction or pain!

The Ortorex Knee Sleeve stabilizes the muscles and joints. By providing compression, it increases blood circulation and eliminates swelling. This helps get rid of pain, speed up recovery, and protect the muscles.

Pain relief

Our knee sleeve keeps the body heat to warm the joint and increases blood flow. This relieves acute and chronic pain from arthritis, sprains, strains, and fatigue.

Injury prevention

Our knee support distributes the load from the knee joints to the thigh muscles. By doing so, it assists in preventing possible injuries.

Fast recovery

The Ortorex Compression Sleeve relieves the tension on the muscle and keeps them in place. It boosts recovery from meniscus tears, knee injuries, or surgeries.

Non-slip band

The elastic band prevents the sleeve from flipping up or sliding down the leg.

360° support

Our sleeve protects the entire leg, including the knees, thighs, and calves.

Honeycomb protection

The honeycomb pads reduce the pressure on the knees and provide double stability.

More reasons to love our support







Size guide

How to measure:
Measure your thigh's circumference 5" (12.7 cm) above your knee cap.
Size upper circumference lower circumference length
cm inch cm inch cm inch
S 29 11.41 20 7.87 41 16.14
M 32 12.59 22 8.66 43 16.92
L 36 14.17 24 9.44 45 17.71
XL 40 15.74 26 10.23 47 18.5

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I love the compression of these. I had a knee injury and these really helped me heal faster!


These supports are amazing!!! These STAY where I place them. They are SUPER supportive. No Velcro straps to snag your clothes and not bulky!!


Recently my knees started locking in place, especially if I sat down for a long period of time. Then the pain started. These knee sleeves saved my life. I now use them regularly. I put them on as soon as I wake up in the morning and remove them just before bedtime. Thank you so much.


Tried several others that didn't work, so grateful I found this one. Doesn't slip, doesn't bunch up, and provides great support and range of motion. Would recommend.


I’ve tried other compression sleeves but found they were either not very supportive or too restrictive. This sleeve is the perfect combination of support and range of motion


Good quality, I keep forgetting that I'm wearing it. It's too bulky to hide under jeans but their support is worth it

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