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Home Air Cool Mist Humidifier 3000ml
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Fill your room with humid air for health restoration!

The Ortorex Humidifier disperses a cool mist around, keeping an optimal humidity level in the room and improving air quality. By doing that, our device boosts your well-being, upgrades your sleep health, enhances your mood, and makes you feel energized. Moreover, it adopts a large water tank, making refills less often.

Skin enhancement

Dry air pulls moisture from the skin, making it feel itchy and irritated. Raising the moisture levels around you, our humidifier improves the condition of cracked lips, limp hair, itching, and other problems.

Asthma relief

An optimally moist environment relaxes your lungs and airways when they are tight. Improving humidity, our device helps to inhale and exhale with ease, alleviating breathing issues.

Disease prevention

Due to the fact that many viruses survive better in dry air, the Ortorex Mist Humidifier is indispensable during colds. Moistening the mucus in nasal passages and throat, it also alleviates flu symptoms, loosening sinus congestion, cough, and runny nose.

Adjustable modes

Choose between the continuous, intermittent, and alternating spraying modes, depending on your preferred intensity.

Easy to use

Simply fill the tank with water, close the lid, plug the device in, and push the button.

Effective spraying

The double nozzle increases the misting coverage, making our humidifier suitable for rooms up to 215 sq. ft. (20 m2).

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Safe to Use

Auto Shut-off

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I love that this humidifier is super quiet, and has three different settings. Being able to breathe in any climate is awesome, even being sick it helps. Would definitely recommend it to everyone.


Excellent humidifier. We keep it next to the bed and it works great so far. We have been using it every night for 2 weeks now and we are very happy with its performance.


My son has very dry skin and suffers from nose bleeds, this humidifier fixed the issue. The first time you use it, give it time to let the “straws” get damp and then the machine will start to emit the stream. Super effective.


This humidifier is perfect. It fits nicely on my nightstand. It is quiet and had a good stream of cool mist. It is easy to use and fill.


I got this for my mom because she was getting bloody noses a lot and her throat was dry. She sleeps with this on at night and it’s improved a lot! Absolutely great performance!


My nose was so stuffy that I could barely breathe. It’s only been an hour since I turned this wonderful humidifier on, and it’s a miracle worker. I’ve never been able to breathe so easily. Will definitely be recommending this product.

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