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Cotton Filter Sticks for Humidifier Air Purifier
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No more worries about filter sticks to replace, enjoy a better humidifier use and create a healthy ambience!

It is recommended to replace the filter sticks after using the air humidifier for 1-2 months according to the usage and water quality. Keep the replacement frequency reasonably and regularly to make spray more clear, allowing you to enjoy a nice atmosphere and bring you a good mood.

The filter sticks are made of quality cotton material, which comes with good water absorption, so you can soak in water without worrying about deformation and pilling. Each cotton filter stick measures approx. 8mm/ 0.31inch (diameter), 98mm/ 3.86inch ( length). It can also be freely cut to length you need for easy using in USB humidifiers of different size and height. You will receive 10 pieces of humidifier replacement cotton sticks in total, which is a sufficient quantity for the replacement.

To see a better performance, make sure the cotton filter stick is fully soaked before inserting it in the humidifier and turning it on. It is also recommended to use tap water and don't drip in essential oils to be soaked. The humidifier sticks are simple to remove and install on humidifiers, complete the process within seconds:


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Cotton sticks have very good water absorption. I like the quality of these filter sticks. For me, they are number one?


That's exactly what I wanted. Perfect filters! Do their job well. I will be buying more when I run out of these.


Great quality filter sticks for my personal humidifier! I will happily purchase from Ortorex again!


I couldn't find any humidifier sticks specifically sized to my old humidifier. So, I bought these, measured one against an old stick I had, and cut it to size. I soaked the new stick in water for about five to ten minutes, and now it works perfectly. Thank you.


Great filters, work just as intended. I recommend changing the filter once a week since it's smaller.


I absolutely love the filters for my small devices!! They are easily adaptable to the different devices I have and great price point!! I will definitely be purchasing from here again and stock up!!

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