Electric Cupping Massager Vacuum Suction Cup Gua Sha

Original price was: CAD $90.00.Current price is: CAD $59.98.


Electric Cupping Massager Vacuum Suction Cup Gua Sha

Original price was: CAD $90.00.Current price is: CAD $59.98.

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Enjoy fast recovery and reduce body discomfort!

The Ortorex Massager uses scrapping and cupping techniques that benefit the overall well-being. Apart from that, it also restores and benefits the circulatory system and promotes physical recovery. Our massager is constructed with antibacterial and rust-free ABS materials, ensuring safe and long use.

Pain relief
The gua sha technique allows for alleviating muscle aches and tension by scrapping the skin. This breaks down scar tissue and boosts blood circulation. As a result, improved oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout the body relieves such problems as bad posture pain, inflammation, stiff joints, and other conditions.
Skin improvement
The suction created by the Ortorex Massager helps stimulate collagen and elastin production, plumping and tightening your skin. This, in turn, helps to reduce puffiness, stretch marks, scars, fine lines, and cellulite.
Cupping assists in releasing toxins from your body. The increased flow and lymphatic system flush out any stagnated toxins in the blood, attracting immune cells to the treated area.
Convenient grip

The ergonomic handle allows for a secure and comfortable hold during use.

Easy control

Adjust the six suction levels using the buttons and a LED display.

Full body massage

The Ortorex Massager is suitable for a safe and efficient therapeutic massage all over the whole body.

More reasons to love our massager
Auto Shut-off
Safe to Use
7.5x3.14 inch (19x8 cm)
0.66 lbs (300 g)
Battery capacity:
Power supply:
Type-C USB
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  1. H***y (verified buyer)


    I’ve been using this device for about a month. The suction is VERY strong. I’ve noticed that my cellulite patterns have smoothed out after repeated use, which involves dragging the device along the affected areas. Powerful and effective cupping machine!

  2. S****r (verified buyer)


    Used on my belly to alleviate ovary cyst. It worked after a month of using it every day. Highly recommend it.

  3. F****n (verified buyer)


    This product works really well, the suction is strong! I can do only level 1-2 and there are 6! That’s how strong it is. Definitely, easier to use than manual suction cups. Using body oil for lubrication is highly recommended. So happy with it!

  4. K***y (verified buyer)


    The suction is too strong for me, I’m on level 1 and I’ve been doing it for over a week. I use it for cellulite cupping on my thighs, they get so bruised but that’s how I know it’s working wonders. If you’re still doing cupping with regular silicone cups, this is your upgrade. Would buy again.

  5. M****n (verified buyer)


    So glad I purchased this item. Has helped with the issues I have been having with my legs. It really helps release the myofascial tissue. Which seems to allow more muscle mobility. Definitely recommend it!

  6. A***m (verified buyer)


    I use this at least once a week on my back since my traps are always so tense. I truly believe this helps bring blood flow to help relax the muscles. Works great! Has great suction! Stays charged for a long time. Highly recommend if you want to do cupping regularly for a fraction of the price!

  7. N****e (verified buyer)


    It has great suction even on the lowest setting. I couldn’t yet state for long-term health benefits but it does relax the area used on.

  8. Z***y (verified buyer)


    I have been using this device for a week and have been very pleased. The skin on the treatment areas feels alive and it helps with blood circulation after 15-30 minutes of treatment. Also great on tired and tight muscles.

  9. K****e (verified buyer)


    This massager feels so good to my sore muscles at the end of the day. It is easy to use as well. I frequently have such sore lower legs and feet. I get a hot shower, then apply the massager to my lower legs and feet and it really helps rejuvenate me. I sleep so much better since my legs are relaxed and not hurting like they were.

  10. O****r (verified buyer)


    Amazing tool, just like a professional machine. The suction is very strong. I use it to get rid of lower back pain and it really helps. Would recommend