U Shape Electric Neck and Shoulder Massager

Original price was: CAD $105.00.Current price is: CAD $69.99.


U Shape Electric Neck and Shoulder Massager

Original price was: CAD $105.00.Current price is: CAD $69.99.

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Get rid of muscle tension!

The Ortorex Massager relieves stiffness and fatigue by simulating the hand movements of a real masseur. It offers targeted massage to soothe tired and tight muscles. Plus, it allows you to relax and promotes better sleep.

Pain relief
The shiatsu massage promotes blood circulation, delivering oxygen to the muscles. This plays an analgesic effect and allows for releasing aches, stress, and strains.
Easy to use
The Ortorex Massager has a one-button control. Just apply it to the target area and press the on/off button to start the therapy session.
Ergonomic design
Our device adopts the U-shape. It fits the body's contours to perform effective massage and allows your hands to rest.
Deep kneading

The 16 nodes change their rotating direction for greater relaxation.

Adjustable settings

The control panel allows getting personalized massage of maximum comfort.

Whole body use

Our device can be used from head to toe to ensure a calm state.

More reasons to love our massager
Breathable Mesh
Auto Shut-off
Low Noise
3.3lbs (1.5 kg)
19.7x17.7x11.8 inch (50x45x30 cm)
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  1. L**e (verified buyer)


    This is a great product. It helped ease the ache and discomfort in my legs, thighs and glutes and more. The massage feels great and it’s strong enough to feel like you’re getting a good one.

  2. J***t (verified buyer)


    I bought this product to help alleviate my pinched nerve. I use it twice a day and it helps loosen the nerve area. I still use it since I have tense muscles.

  3. N***e (verified buyer)


    I’ve had this massager for a month now. I’ve used it on everything from feet, calves, sciatica, back, chest, and neck. I love that I can find all those buried, inflamed muscles just by pulling it tighter around my pain points. I’d buy this again!

  4. M***e (verified buyer)


    This is AWESOME! Excellent deep tissue massage for hard-to-reach neck and thoracic spine!! Great pressure & you can use it anywhere on the body. TRY it!!

  5. R***y (verified buyer)


    It is really well made and of good quality. Since your arms hold it and it hangs, it allows your shoulders to relax more which helps the massager to really get in there. I also love that you can adjust the pressure so easily. Overall, I’m 100% satisfied with it

  6. S***n (verified buyer)


    This device has been absolutely helpful in preventing migraines from tight muscles. I usually get migraines that start in my neck from stress. This thing has actually allowed me to prevent them by catching the tightness. I also found it very helpful to drink lots of water after a session with this massager in order to filter out the toxins and lactic acid released. Overall this is one of my favorite purchases ever!

  7. O***e (verified buyer)


    I have scoliosis and can run this massager up and down my spine, applying the amount of pressure I need! I love this thing and life would still suffer from pain if I didn’t have it!

  8. H***e (verified buyer)


    Amazing device. Initially I used it for my tight neck and shoulder muscles and to help with migraines. But now, I lay it on the bed and massage the back of my knees, calves, ankles, and hamstrings. It has definitely loosened up my tight painful knees and I haven’t had to take any pain meds since I began massaging my legs. I love this massager!!!

  9. A*****n (verified buyer)


    Had a neck injury and this helped with pain relief! Would definitely recommend. The settings are simple an it’s very easy to adjust for neck and back massages. I’ll continue using it for sure!!

  10. E****t (verified buyer)


    I bought this massager because I needed something to help with my back pain & fibromyalgia. This has helped me a lot with deep tissue pain relief. Highly recommend it.