Silicone Gel Heel Lifting Inserts

Original price was: CAD $29.97.Current price is: CAD $19.99.


Silicone Gel Heel Lifting Inserts

Original price was: CAD $29.97.Current price is: CAD $19.99.

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Increase your height with ease

The Ortorex shoe inserts offer exceptional support for your heels. They will cushion your every step and make you look taller. They're perfect for everyday use!

Arch support

These inserts promote proper foot alignment, contributing to better overall posture.

Shock absorption

Our gel inserts are soft and elastic. They can help reduce heel pain and discomfort from prolonged walking or standing.

Non-slip surface

The Ortorex inserts won't shift inside the shoe, ensuring reliable support during every walk.

Size guide
cm inch cm inch cm inch
S 90 35.43 65 25.59 0.9 0.35
M 90 35.43 65 25.59 1.7 0.67
L 90 35.43 65 25.59 2.6 1.02
cm inch cm inch cm inch
S 85 33.46 55 21.65 0.9 0.35
M 85 33.46 55 21.65 1.7 0.67
L 85 33.46 55 21.65 2.6 1.02
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  1. L****a (verified buyer)


    Since diagnosed with hip dysplasia, I was recommended to use heel lifts to assist in walking more comfortably. I found these heel lifts and I can’t stress enough how much they’ve helped. They are easy to insert in my shoe and do a great job of relieving hip stress!

  2. T***e (verified buyer)


    These inserts made a huge difference in my comfort level as they cushioned my heels. They stick to the shoe and don’t move around at all. Plus they are clear and not noticeable. And they don’t stick to your foot. Great product!

  3. J***s (verified buyer)


    Purchased these heel inserts to help with a minor leg length discrepancy. These have been helpful and have improved my movement tremendously. Wearing them is so easy and they don’t skid or move in my shoe! Highly recommended!

  4. R****n (verified buyer)


    I bought these heel inserts for my dad who needed them for medical reasons. They have significantly relieved his heel pain. He likes the way they conform to his feet within his shoes.

  5. D****a (verified buyer)


    These heel lifts are perfect for anyone needing a little height adjustment. I wear them casually every day. They’re durable and snug-fitting. Since using these, I’ve noticed less heel pain. Recommended!

  6. H***e (verified buyer)


    These shoe heel inserts are comfortable and durable. They distribute my weight more evenly, relieving much of the extra pressure and pain on my right foot, and they help keep my spine straight. I’m happy with them and wish I had learned about them sooner!

  7. T****e (verified buyer)


    These inserts are a delight to use. They’ve made my heels and shoes far more comfortable to walk in. They are made of good quality materials and can be used for any type of shoe. Great value.

  8. A****y (verified buyer)


    My plantar fasciitis was causing me severe heel pain until I purchased these silicone heel lifts. The way they cushion my heel and support my foot was astounding. I can finally enjoy my walks pain-free!

  9. C***d (verified buyer)


    These inserts are great for adding height and cushioning, but they do make your shoes fit a bit tighter. If you want to use them, make sure your shoes have enough space. Overall though, I’m happy with my purchase!

  10. M****s (verified buyer)


    These heel lifts are comfortable, and they give the perfect height I was looking for. The only downside is that they take a few wears to get used to. But once you do, they’re really good!