Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid

Original price was: CAD $83.00.Current price is: CAD $54.99.


Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid

Original price was: CAD $83.00.Current price is: CAD $54.99.

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Rediscover the joy of hearing clearly

Stop asking your interlocutors to repeat themselves. The Ortorex hearing amplifier improves your ability to hear voices distinctly with an innovative chip. Featuring controls with knobs, our device is easy to operate. The battery's lifespan of up to two days ensures uninterrupted performance, providing peace of mind that it won't switch off in the middle of the day.

Detect a voice clearly
Our device is powered by an advanced digital CIC chip. It captures, digitizes, and processes the incoming voice, providing you with HD sound quality. This guarantees your total perception of your interlocutor's speech.
Easy to use
Featuring controls with knobs, our device allows for sound adjustments without finger slips. It makes operations easy for people of various ages.
Eliminate distracting noises
The Ortorex hearing aid analyzes the sound environment around you and selectively reduces background noises. It allows you to focus on what is most important—the voices of others directed toward you.
Comfortable wear

Built with hypoallergenic materials, our hearing aid is skin-friendly. Four silicone earplugs provide a snug fit, preventing them from dropping out. Together, these factors make daily use pleasant.

Long battery life

Our device’s battery provides up to 48 hours of uninterrupted hearing support on a single charge.


The Ortorex amplifier's ergonomic design accommodates most ear types.

More reasons to love our rechargeable digital hearing aid
Ergonomic Design
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  1. H****e (verified buyer)


    Really good value and they work great!!! Better than any other hearing aid I have owned, very happy with the purchase! Thanks!!

  2. D**a (verified buyer)


    My dad tried these hearing aids for a couple of weeks and had great results as far as assisting him in hearing better. He says they are comfortable in the ear and easy to use. Thanks

  3. T****a (verified buyer)


    They seem to be okay, but I have only had them for a few days. The sound is pretty good. I didn’t have any problems so far ??

  4. B*n (verified buyer)


    I liked the small size, fidelity, and ease of operation. To say I’m thrilled with the quality of these is an absolute understatement!

  5. L***m (verified buyer)


    I brought this to help with my hearing. It works very well and is simple to use. Very comfortable to wear. And the sound is also very good. Would recommend.

  6. C****n (verified buyer)


    These are excellent hearing aids! Love that they’re rechargeable. It’s quick and there are no clumsy little batteries.

  7. P****p (verified buyer)


    Very easy to use. Discreet and better than others of the same value. I would definitely recommend and buy again!

  8. M**e (verified buyer)


    Bought this for my dad and it works great. It fits well even though my dad wears glasses. The buttons are also simple and straightforward, just on/off, volume up/low.

  9. R***y (verified buyer)


    I brought it for my grandma, she’s been low hearing for many years. Surprisingly, she loves them. Super fast charging and very easy to use, especially for an older person.

  10. N****e (verified buyer)


    These hearing aids are comfortable all day. They work well to help me hear better. I’m glad they’re rechargeable, and it’s fairly quick.