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Newborn Head Shaping Pillow
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Avoid Flat Head Syndrome with our unique head shaping pillow!

The most common cause of a flattened head is a baby’s sleeping position. It happens not only while they sleep but also in infant car seats, carriers, strollers, swings, and bouncy seats. Infants lay on their backs for many hours every day, so the head sometimes flattens in one spot.

The ORTOREX™ Newborn Head Shaping Pillow is specifically designed to help maintain the natural curve of your baby’s head and keep your infant’s head, neck, and spine in correct alignment. Plus, our pillow improves the quality of your newborn’s sleep.

The ORTOREX™ Head Shaping Pillow is made of 100% organic cotton. It is soft and breathable, so the body heat can escape through the open weave while keeping the baby snug and warm. It is also anti-bacterial, which prevents the growth of harmful microbes and helps create a safe sleeping for your baby.

Our pillows for newborns are recommended for ages 0-15 months old. Use this baby head shaping pillow from early ages in the crib, bassinet, swing, bouncer, and stroller during long walks outside. Pediatrician recommended!


✔️ PREVENTS FLAT HEAD SYNDROME — The ORTOREX™ Newborn Head Shaping Pillow is specifically designed with a pressure dispersion system and multi-layered structure that helps develop proper head shape and prevent the flat head syndrome. Whether your baby is sleeping on their side or their back, the ergonomic design of this pillow will retain the natural shape of your baby’s head. 

✔️ MADE OF SKIN-FRIENDLY MATERIAL — Our pillows are processed with an anti-dust mite treatment to prevent skin infections and keep the safety of your little ones. This treatment is non-hazardous and safe for all sensitive skin types.

✔️ PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT  — The ORTOREX™ Head Shaping Pillow can be used whenever you are: on the play mat, in the car seat, at the changing table, or even while nursing. It is lightweight and portable, so it’s great for travel.

✔️ EASY CLEAN-UP — You can easily wash and dry it in the machine. The shape and support of the pillows remain intact even after frequent washing.


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This pillow is the best!! It helps with reflux and prevents a flat head too. The material is breathable so I’m not worried about my baby sleeping on it.


The quality of the product is great. The cute flamingo print caught my eye. My baby loves this pillow too!


This pillow completely reshaped my son's flat spot on the head! We used it every night for a couple of months. No more concerns about the shape of his head!!


So grateful for this pillow!! My son seems to like it and we've been using it for several months now. Plus it's very easy to wash


Does a great job preventing a flat head. Highly recommend.


Cute little pillow, the quality is really good and my baby's head is already looking better!! Highly recommend!!

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