Nasal Strips for Snoring

Nasal Strips for Snoring

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Tired of sinus congestion? Breathe easier and reduce snoring with the Ortorex Nasal Strips!

The ORTOREX™ Nasal Strips is a great solution for those who are tired of waking up at night to grasp some air. They expand the nasal passages to allow air to be more easily inhaled. They also provide more ventilation, improving nasal microcirculation. Not only do they help you breathe easily and freely, but also reduce snoring at night. Moreover, they alleviate the stuffy nose to provide you with a more peaceful, undisturbed night’s sleep. The ORTOREX™ Nasal Strips are perfect for those who suffer from snoring, nasal congestion caused by allergies and colds, sinus infections, deviated septum, or nasal mucosa.

Benefits of using our nasal strips:

  • Open nasal passages and increase airflow
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce snoring
  • Help to breathe with ease
  • Relieve cold and allergies congestion
  • Provide instant relief for 12 hours
  • Do not cause irritation
  • Do not peel skin off

Two flexible “spring-like” pieces gently lift the outside of the nose to open the nasal valve, which is the narrowest part of the nasal passageway. It improves nasal airflow by 31%, allowing you to breathe smoothly through your nose. Our nasal strips can be used for up to 12 hours at a time, day or night. Most importantly, they are drug-free, so they can be added to existing treatments without fear of drug interactions. Plus, our strips do not form a habit, so you can safely use them long-term.

The ORTOREX™ Nasal Strips are made of natural and high-quality materials. Our strips are 100% hypoallergenic, so you do not have to worry about any irritation. Each strip consists of two parallel bands of flexible plastic embedded in a special pad. For the surface, breathable and porous non-woven fabric is used.  For the bottom layer, pressure-sensitive adhesives are featured. Moreover, The ORTOREX™ Nasal Strips are available in two sizes, making them suitable for both children and adults.

How to use:

Before applying a nasal strip, make sure to clean your skin for better adhesion. Then, after drying your skin, remove the liner and place the strip over the bridge of your nose. Stick the strip and hold it for 30 seconds for better results. Once these steps have been done, the nasal strip will start working, so you can enjoy a relaxing nighttime sleep. When you need to remove the nasal strip, make sure to wet it with warm water. Then, gently lift both ends and carefully remove the strip. Each strip should be used only once.


✔️ PROMOTES A FULL NIGHT’S SLEEP — By reducing snoring and sinus congestion, our nasal strips provide a calm and relaxing night’s sleep, saving you from waking up tired or groggy and disturbing others with snoring.

✔️ REDUCES SNORING & HELPS BREATHE EASIER — Thanks to pulling the nostrils and sides of the nose open, the ORTOREX™ Strips allow for up to 31% more airflow, easing your breathing and reducing stuffiness and snoring.

✔️ INSTANTLY CLEARS PASSAGES — Our product starts working the moment you place it on your nose bridge, providing instant relief on nasal congestion, so you can freely breathe through your nose.

✔️ DOES NOT FALL OFF — The ORTOREX™ Nasal Strips are highly adhesive, they will stay on your nose bridge during the whole night to alleviate your symptoms.

✔️ PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN — The ORTOREX™ Nasal Strips are 100% hypoallergenic and do not cause any irritation, itching, or soreness, making them suitable for any skin type, including the sensitive one.

✔️ SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES — Depending on the size of a nose, our nasal strips are suitable for seniors, adults, teenagers, and even children.

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  1. P******e (verified buyer)


    I always sleep like a baby with these strips on. Don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night now. Highly recommend.

  2. J**n (verified buyer)


    These strips are a nightly necessity for me. I have to press the sides on for a few seconds for optimal adhesion. For some reason, I’m just prone to being stuffy at night and these are a perfect solution. HIGHLY recommend!

  3. L****e (verified buyer)


    Stays in place during the whole night. Comes off easily, just wet it with warm water. I’m clearly getting more air and sleeping better.

  4. R***k (verified buyer)


    These strips are the best ones I’ve ever tried. They don’t rip the skin off my nose, every other product I’ve tried does. Amazing quality, I will definitely purchase more.

  5. S*****a (verified buyer)


    My boyfriend snores, and he even stops breathing for a moment before he wakes up. I bought these for him, and I cannot believe how well they worked. He doesn’t snore anymore!!! They adhere perfectly and stay on all night. He finally feels well-rested in the morning because he’s not waking up all night long. Huge thank you Ortorex!

  6. T***e (verified buyer)


    I’ve never used nasal strips and was skeptical about them but… they actually DO relieve congestion and let me sleep more comfortably. I’m very impressed.

  7. F***r (verified buyer)


    I have issues with never being able to breathe out of both nostrils because of congestion and allergies. I tried these strips last night and it opened my airway immediately. Great product.

  8. O***e (verified buyer)


    If you have any difficulty breathing through your nose then these strips are a MUST, especially for sleeping. They do NOT come off in the middle of the night. Help immensely. One tip: DO NOT USE them if your nose is sunburnt. Highly recommend.

  9. M****a (verified buyer)


    I have trouble sleeping due to congestion, so I ordered these strips. They definitely helped open my nasal passages so I could breathe through the congestion that builds up when I lay down at night. They stayed on all night. I will definitely continue to use them. Thank you!!

  10. C*****e (verified buyer)


    A TOTAL LIFESAVER! My boyfriend was having to sleep in another room because he snores so loud. These strips are little miracle workers! They helped so much!!