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Air Humidifier Negative Ion Air Purifier
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Purify and humidify the air all at once! Enjoy breathing fresh air at home!

The ORTOREX™ Air Purifier & Humidifier promotes healthy and easy breathing by optimal humidifying and ionizing the air around you. It works efficiently to rid your home of pathogens, dirt, dust particles, allergens, germs, bacteria, and other irritants in a single release. It removes all invisible substances to ensure that there are no possibilities of developing any respiratory or health issues in your house. Therefore, it minimizes the chances of getting flu due to cold weather as well as prevents flu from spreading to others in the home.

With the ORTOREX™ Air Purifier, you are guaranteed that it will remove all dust particles in the air to facilitate clean and healthy breathing all the time. The negative ion generator will help to purify the air by settling down the airborne particles. If you have any allergy-related issues, the air purifier guarantees to keep you safe all the time by eliminating any potential threats on air.

One of the other benefits of the constant use of this humidifier is its effectiveness in dealing with dry skin, nose, lips, and throat. By improving the humidity of the environment in which we find ourselves, we make the air less aggressive to the body. It's the perfect addition to your beauty regimen and can also help you nourish and moisturize your skin.

The ORTOREX™ Air Humidifier has a feature of colorful light projection, which gives an atmospheric look to any room. With a 360° rotation, you are guaranteed to enjoy quality air all the time. The sensitive touch button helps you easily change the working modes of the humidifier. You can set it to the continuous or the intermittent spraying mode depending on the type of filtration your room requires. Its portable and lightweight design makes it ideal for use in the office, home or car. It purifies and treats your air for healthy living no matter where you are.


✔️HUMIDIFIER & AIR PURIFIER 2-IN-1 — It emits ultrasonic cool mist to humidify and ionize the air. It ensures to keep your indoor air clean and safe for you even during cold weather seasons.

✔️OFFERS 360° ROTATION — Flexible twisting makes it possible for you to adjust the perfect right angle for spraying.

✔️EASY TO USE — Just fill the 200ml humidifier tank with tap water, then connect it to a USB cable and press the operation button.

✔️PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT — The compact design makes it the perfect gadget to take with you anywhere.

✔️6 COLOR LIGHT PROJECTIONColorful LED lights on top of the device help create a magical projection. Also, you could get it to work as a night light.

✔️SAFE & AUTO SHUT-OFF — There is a built-in water level sensor inside that will automatically turn off the power when the water is lower than the safe water level.

✔️NOISELESS — It will not disturb you while attending to other duties or resting.

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My fiancé loves it ! The instructions could have been better. But overall he loves it. 5/5
It will help him on his allergies. Thank you for this product!


good quality


The article is wonderful. I have now ordered a second diffuser directly. I'm very satisfied. Thumbs up!


tres jolie.. très beau.. comme decrot arrive très vite


This is just awesome!


The humidifier is good, came well packed. Works fine, there are three modes of light, very beautiful!

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