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Sonic Cleansing Silicone Brush
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Want to Have Clear, Glowing Skin?

Look Fresh Instantly, Even When You Don't Feel Fresh!

All it takes is a 2-minute cleansing and massaging routine with our Sonic Cleansing Scrub Brush!

Deep Cleansing For More Radiant Skin

The electric facial cleansing brush uses the power of T-Sonic technology to gently exfoliate the skin, removing 99.5% of dirt, dead skin cells, and grease, as well as make-up residue.

Proven way to look younger

The Ortorex™ Brush features anti-aging technology. Its low-frequency pulses act in areas where wrinkles and expression lines appear, contributing to greater skin firmness. The massage of the spikes and the low-frequency impulses will promote blood circulation and help to increase the production of collagen.

The small wriggling brush is designed to remove impurities, excess sebum, dead cells, and make-up residues from the skin pores. By targeting areas prone to wrinkles, the anti-aging toning effect is obtained.

The Ortorex™ Cleansing Brush delivers an enhanced sonic facial cleansing and anti-wrinkle system designed to minimize the appearance of blemishes. It is proven to remove up to 95% of all dirt and excessive oil while staying gentle on the skin.


THREE CLEANING MODES — 1. Sensitive skin cleaning mode 2. All skin cleansing modes 3. Oily skin cleaning mode

COMFORTABLE DEEP CLEANING — Thick silicone, delicate and soft, dual sound wave technology, and the flexible brush head that can perform a deeper cleaning.

DUAL-ULTRASONIC VIBRATION — More gentle on your skin than any other brush. It delivers 2600-4500 pulses per minute to gently clean and gets deep into the pores to remove dirt, dead skin, oil, make-up residues, and blackheads. 

COMPACT AND PORTABLE — Lightweight and easy to carry. Being waterproof, it is the best choice for both using at home and during travel.

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cool item, good quality, working well!


Face after washing is smooth and has a nice touch. Recommend highly!


I loved it already I got it and it's very soft


Great product! Exceeded my expectations.


Believe that I will not use daily, maybe weekly to not dry out skin! Great cleaning!


Happy with the purchase, it is a nice feeling to use, the colour is beautiful

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