Cotton Buds

Original price was: CAD $45.00.Current price is: CAD $29.99.


Cotton Buds

Original price was: CAD $45.00.Current price is: CAD $29.99.

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Clean your ears with no more strain on the environment using the softest Ortorex Cotton Buds!  

In order to help you maintain hygienic conditions around you, the ORTOREX™ presents the daily must-have cotton buds. They will effectively and delicately keep your ears clean and fresh by removing the superficial wax. It will prevent the formation of blockage, infections, diseases, and itching. Plus, our small buds can be used around the house to maintain the sterility of hard-to-reach corners, like your phone, keyboard, headphones, vents, and others. What is more, the antibacterial features of our product make it a perfect tool for applying on your skin medicines like creams, serums, and ointments. But most importantly, the ORTOREX™ Cotton Buds make a perfect alternative to plastic buds which harm our nature.

Apart from the abovementioned purposes, the ORTOREX™ Cotton Buds will also comfortably apply, fix or remove your makeup in a more accurate way than brushes and cotton pads do. Plus, you can perform manicures and pedicures with their use. You will have more than enough buds for a long time as our packaging contains 200 biodegradable tips. What is more, The ORTOREX™ Cotton Buds are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. It makes them perfect to use even for the youngest members of your family with no risk of irritation. Moreover, they are also suitable for maintaining your pets’ hygiene with no discomfort for them.

Benefits of using our cotton buds:

  • Comfortably clean ears
  • Prevent the formation of earwax blockage
  • Easily reach dead corners around the house
  • Smoothly fix and remove makeup
  • Precisely apply medicines
  • Do not cause discomfort or pain
  • Do not bend while using
  • Perfectly substitute plastic earbuds

The ORTOREX™ Cotton Buds are made from sustainably sourced bamboo wood and organic cotton. Our product is 100% plastic and chemical-free, making it safe not only for you but also for the environment. Each material is a highly renewable resource that grows quickly. Moreover, our buds are absolutely odorless and biodegradable. The antibacterial heads are sturdily fixed to a wooden stick that is strong enough not to bend and break while you use it. Plus, there is an ample amount of cotton on each tip, which will not lose its shape or easily unravel.


✔️ KEEP YOUR EARS FRESH — The ORTOREX™ Cotton Buds are the essential tools for maintaining the hygiene of your ears. They will smoothly and comfortably clean them off dirt and earwax.

✔️ PREVENT THE EARWAX BLOCKAGE — By delicately removing the excess earwax and debris from your ear canals, The ORTOREX™ Buds prevent the diseases caused by impacted earwax such as various infections, otitis, eczema, skin problems, and others.

✔️  HELP CLEAN HARD-TO-REACH PLACES — Our buds are compact but sturdy enough to hold, so you can use them to clean dead corners which you would not normally be able to reach.

✔️ PROMOTE APPLYING & REMOVING MAKEUP — Our product would be perfect for applying your favorite lip gloss or fixing your eyeliner, performing professional-quality manicures and pedicures at home. What is more, they also help in removing the leftover makeup that did not come off with water.

✔️ PROVIDE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE — Our cotton buds have antibacterial heads which may be used for the dotty application of meds onto your skin.

✔️ SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE — Our cotton buds are suitable for every age, including kids, teenagers, adults, and seniors. Plus, they can also be used for your pets!

✔️ PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT — The ORTOREX™ Cotton Buds are made of 100% recyclable materials, making them eco-friendly and safe for our planet.

✔️ CONTAIN NO CHEMICALS — Our product is absolutely free of any harmful plastic, chemicals, or synthetics. It makes our buds safe for everyone, even for those who have allergies and extremely sensitive skin.

✔️ COME IN 200 BUDS PACKS — The ORTOREX™ Cotton Buds come in 100% compostable carton boxes with 200 buds inside. This quantity is enough for the whole family, so there will always be plenty of earbuds around whenever you need them.

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  1. O**o (verified buyer)


    I chose these buds because the reusable ones aren’t compostable. They work great! I was a little worried that they might fall off in your ear or something but so far they are even sturdier than the other brands that aren’t eco-friendly! Thanks Ortorex for introducing me to this product!

  2. G***y (verified buyer)


    Super sturdy and heavy-duty, we love these! Very pleased with all the cardboard packaging, no plastic! Comfortable cotton buds for your ears. Great buy and will buy again!

  3. D****y (verified buyer)


    They work great. The holder piece thingy doesn’t bend or break when we use them and they feel so good digging around in my ears (sorry!) Would DEFINITELY buy again.

  4. B***e (verified buyer)


    These swabs are smaller than the standard ones but I found that they were stronger and did not bend as much making them easier to control. Great for cleaning ears of babies and children especially. Would definitely consider buying on a regular basis.

  5. P***a (verified buyer)


    Very good quality. My kid loves them because she loves the variety of colors and she’s not afraid to clean her ears now. Super buds!

  6. J****a (verified buyer)


    Given the sturdiness of these buds compared to others I’ve used, will continue purchasing these. I’m very impressed.

  7. W**l (verified buyer)


    I cannot believe how good these buds are. They don’t break and do their job perfectly. Would buy again.

  8. H***y (verified buyer)


    These buds are the best I’ve found! They are generally sturdy. There is sufficient cotton on the ends but because they’re so tight, it’s difficult to unwind them a bit to increase their absorbency. I’ll buy them again.

  9. S***e (verified buyer)


    Would definitely recommend these cute buds! They’re a great value, came very fast and really good quality!

  10. S***a (verified buyer)


    These cotton swabs are great! I mainly bought them because I saw they were made of bamboo. Since my house is trying to cut back on our plastic use, I gave them a try. I will only be buying these cotton swabs from now on. They get the job done and I love that we’re helping the environment in the process! Great product!!