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Blood Pressure Monitor
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Take care of your health at any time

Say goodbye to inaccurate and slow measurements with the Ortorex wrist blood pressure monitor. It enables you to manage your health even when you are not at home. Featuring a large display and one-step operation, our compact device offers effortless checks.


The Ortorex monitor is lightweight and compact, simplifying travel while taking up minimal space. It enables consistent blood pressure tracking wherever you go.

Easy to use

Putting on our pressure monitor is as easy as securing a wristwatch. Just wrap it around your wrist and start the check.Thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive design, you can use the device correctly without any difficulty.


Our device guarantees the precision of measurements with just a 3% deviation. This high level of accuracy is crucial for reliable health monitoring - It helps you make the optimal decision based on your condition.


A sturdy acrylic panel protects the Ortorex monitor from breaking during accidental falls. This robust construction prolongs the device's life.


The standard batteries in the Ortorex blood pressure monitor allow instant measurements. By powering the device immediately, they make the process easier because you don't have to additionally move around to find an outlet. It is especially important when you feel sick.

Quality display

Our gadget features a high-quality LCD display for comfortable reading. The clear visuals on the screen allow you to interpret your measurement without any assistance devices like magnifiers.

More reasons to love our blood pressure monitor


Snug Fit


Safe To Use

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This is spectacular. Easy, concise, comfortable, quiet, reliable!!


I would recommend this product for anyone needing to keep a check on blood pressure. It has a memory so when I need to let my doctor know what mine has been running I can just check the memory storage. Just perfect.


Bought this to replace an old one that no longer worked. I took it in to my doctor's office to check the accuracy and it was right on.


2 weeks ago, I had a blood pressure crisis and ordered this immediately. I am using it on a regular basis and my BP is back to normal after medication modifications. I recommend.


This monitor is so easy to read and helps me keep track of my blood pressure and heart rate by measuring it accurately.


Just got this yesterday and was excited to try it out. Very easy to use and comfortable. It appears to be accurate. Having a little trouble figuring out how to set the date and time, but that's not important to me.

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